Family Studies

Family studies is one of the fastest growing programs at OC. Our academic programs equip students to serve in careers that support and nurture families.  Whether in family counseling, child care, or social services, a graduate of the Family Studies program is prepared to make a difference.

Oklahoma Christian offers two major programs in family studies. The B.S. Degree in Family Studies is a pre-professional degree that emphasizes the preparing of students for graduate school. Those students who wish to pursue advanced degrees, at either the master’s or doctoral level, are encouraged to pursue this degree. With the growth of marriage and family graduate school programs and the increasing influence of systems theory in psychology, the need to prepare students for study as marriage and family counselors is increasing.

The B.S. degree in Family Studies/Child Development provides students with a broad, general approach to the study of the family. This degree is primarily intended for those students who do not wish to pursue graduate school.  It examines family issues across the lifespan but adds emphasis in early childhood education.  This degree requires a minor; a minor is psychology is highly recommended.