Background Check/Drug Screen

Drug testing and criminal background checking of nursing students is required by the facilities which are the sites for the clinical learning experience of OC nursing students. OC will require testing and criminal background checking of each student prior to the time the student would have contact with the facility’s patients or employees.  This screening must occur before a nursing student can be placed at a facility for his or her clinical experience; the student must have "negative" results on both a drug test and the criminal background check for admission into the nursing program [upper division].  "Negative" results are part of the program’s enrollment policies.  If a need for a “drug screen” should arise during the student’s progression, the student will have to pay the expense for such a test and/or screening in addition to the regular tuition and/or lab fees.

Detailed policies and procedures of drug test and background checks found in the OC Nursing Student Handbook, available in the Nursing Office.