Academic Information


The Mechanical Engineering program has been accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET since 1989!

Degrees offered:

Because Mechanical Engineering is such a broad field, students can tailor their degree through the selection of electives and their senior capstone projects. A full list of classes can be found in our degree plans.

Mechanical Engineering Faculty:

The department of mechanical engineering is focused on providing an excellent undergraduate education. This starts with the ME faculty. Their combination of experience in both industrial and academic settings allows them to integrate engineering theory into a practical, real world engineering education. You’ll see them in the front of the classroom, in every class - no graduate students teach our classes, in the labs, in their offices, and even at church!


Mechanical engineering is the jack-of- all-trades in engineering, which means you will take a wide variety of classes! This also means your 4-year degree will be pretty densely packed, and you will start with engineering classes your first semester at OC! The general layout of classes is described below, while a full list of Mechanical Engineering courses can be found here.

  1. First year: The foundations for Mechanical Engineering - start learning the general skills including 3-D computer modeling and computer programming. Add to your engineering toolbox with 32 hours of math and science.
  2. Sophomore and Junior Year: The core of mechanical engineering - increase in breadth and depth with classes ranging from structural analysis, materials and manufacturing, thermodynamics, hands-on labs, and advanced math and science courses.
  3. Senior Year: Transition from college to career - Capstone Design Sequence. Work on real engineering problems from conception to completion. Choose from courses designed to add breadth and depth to your degree.

OC ME Highlights:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Average class sizes are approximately 20-25 students for engineering lectures, and 10-15 students for labs
  • Special focus on communication, including 3 semesters of Toastmasters
  • Strong history of student success in industry and grad school