The CS and IS degrees provide excellent preparation for people who enjoy tackling challenging problems in an ever-changing industry. The extent to which practically every area of life involves computers shows the breadth of career possibilities in this field. Many of the fastest-growing occupations over the next decade will require a computer-related degree.

The CS and IS degrees offered by Oklahoma Christian provide a foundation for those interested in programming, software engineering, systems/business analysis, systems engineering, database administration, system/network administrators, technical sales and technical management. Employers value students with the technical skills and high ideals typical of OC graduates. Companies that have hired some of our most recent graduates include:

IBM (New York) Lowrance Electronics (Tulsa)
Texas Instruments (Dallas) Freightliner (Oregon)
NASA (Florida) Northrop Grumman (Oklahoma City)
Chesapeake Energy (Oklahoma City) FBI (Washington, DC)

Industry projections continue to show significant growth in the computer industry over the next decade, as illustrated in the table below.

Projected Employment 2004-2014 (in thousands)
Job 2004 2014 Percent Change
Computer and information systems managers 280 353 +26.1%
Computer specialists          3,046 4,003 +31.4%
Computer hardware engineers 77 84 +10.1%
Total, all professional-level IT occupations 3,403 4,440 +30.5%
Total, all occupations 145,612 164,540 +13.0%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Monthly Labor Review, November 2005

The opportunities for students graduating with a degree in this area are better than ever. A common misconception is that the dot com bubble burst signaled a decline in the industry, yet statistics show that the industry has recovered and is now stronger than it was during the high point of the dot com boom. See the following link for employment projections, a discussion of the impact of globalization, and other frequently asked questions.

It can sometimes be confusing to sort out the differences between computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, information systems, and information technology. OC degrees in CS, IS, and Math/CS will provide you with a good foundation in any of these areas, but the following site may be helpful in understanding the general focus of each of these careers: