Soundings 2016


Senior Editor – Em Calvert

Administrative Director – Laine Weatherford

PR Director – Paige Brown

Administrative Assistant – Sydney Scott

Copy Editor – Zoe Schaller

Copywriter – Laine Weatherford

Graphic Designer – Jessie Hampton

Design Assistant – Megan Madison

Events Coordinator – Jonathan Scheppegrell

Fundraising Assistant – Kalie Palmer

Social Media and Advertising Analyst – Kennedy McAlister

Freshman Interns – Cynthia Knox & Hannah Lane

Faculty Sponsor – Dr. Cami Agan


Literary Judges – Jessica Isaacs & Will Thomas

Artistic Judges – Ben Jenkins & Romy Owens



1st Place – “Apocalypse” by Kalie Palmer

2nd Place – “A Well-Lit Room” by Hannah Lane

3rd Place – “Rag Doll” by Kennedy McAlister


1st Place – “on the bridge” by Megan McKinley

2nd Place – “For Her and a Place Full of Ghosts” by Hannah Lane

3rd Place – “Dear” by Laine Weatherford


1st Place – “Loveland Pass Milky Way” by Will Gentry

2nd Place – “is it always that or the other?” by Jacey Neagles

3rd Place – “space monkey” by Colin Powers


1st Place – “Their World” by Micah Fryslie

2nd Place – “Untitled” by Logan Gaconnier

3rd Place – “Sunset Over Victoria Falls” by Meridith Corwin