Soundings 2015


Senior Editor – Kallista Kidd

Public Relations Director – Claire Gause

Design Director – Holly Hodge

Copy Editor – Em Calvert

Copywriter – Jessie Hampton

Administrative Assistant – Garret Andrews

Social Media & Advertising – Paige Brown

Events Coordinator – Kandyce Everett

Fundraising Assistant – Shae Lee

Design Assistant – Logan Gaconnier

Freshman Interns – Kalie Palmer & Kelly Thomas-Cutshaw

Faculty Sponsor – Linda McDonald


Literary Judge – Dr. Rebecca Briley

Visual Art Judge – Ed Gruber



1st Place – “No Room at the Inn” by Katherine Spurgeon

2nd Place – “The Family Tree” by Kalie Palmer

3rd Place – “Stepfather Time” by Gari Russell

Poetry – Honorable Mentions

“Patriarchal” by Molly Durill

“Don’t Say You Don’t Love Me” by Gari Russell

“What If…” by Garrett Andrews


1st Place – “Pithicus Andromedous, Turnip Farmer” by Cody Kapocsi

2nd Place – “Perpetual Motion: Renewable Energy and the Cat-Toast Paradox” by Jessie Hampton

3rd Place – “The Silence Hurts My Ears” by Kennedy McAlister

Prose – Honorable Mentions

“Finders Keepers” by Paige Brown

“My Experience Under the One Child Policy” by Yibo Ai

“Benji” by Paige Brown

Literary Criticism

1st – ““The Flesh He Cannot Recognize”: Familial Cannibalism and Mimetic Desire in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon” by Em Calvert

Visual Art

1st – “Where to Go from Here?” by Micah Fryslie

2nd – “America’s Obesity Epidemic” by Abby Bellow

3rd – “Are We There Yet?” by Marisha Hoza

Visual Art – Honorable Mentions

“Combatant” by Christopher Shahan

“A Pop of Color” by Aaliyah Climes

“Flowers Within Are Twice as Strong” by Micah Fryslie