Soundings 2014


Senior Editor – Jenny Dahl

Copy Editor – Lane Robles

Copywriter – Cody Kapocsi

Administrative Assistant – Mindy Borth

PR Director – Shelly Welch

Associate Events Coordinator – Jonathan Scheppegrell

Social Media and Advertising Analyst – Garrett Andrews

Social Media and Advertising Analyst – Shae Lee

Design Director – Kallista Kidd

Design Assistant – Stephanie Wolf

Faculty Sponsor – Rebecca Briley, PhD

Freshman Intern – Paige Brown


Literary Judge – Naomi Benaron

Poetry Judge – Nathan Brown

Visual Arts Judge – Emily Vino



1st Place – “I met myself, I met you” by Jason Brunner

2nd Place – “A Pantoum” by Lane Robles

3rd Place – “Alyssa” by Sarah Redding

Poetry – Honorable Mentions

“Cure” by Paige Brown

“A Haibun” by Lane Robles

“Dreamy-Eyed Waltz” by Zachary Shaffer


1st Place – “Search for the Planet of the Pancake People” by Cody Kaposci

2nd Place – “Character Development in “How to Take Down Your New Democracy”” by Julie Drohan

3rd Place – “Cataclysm” by Kristine Pike

Prose – Honorable Mention

“Notes from a trip to Honduras” by Stanton Yeakley


1st Place – “Transcending Language in Gilman’s Herland” by Kallista Kidd

Visual Art

1st Place – “#3” by Holly Hodge

2nd Place – “The Grip of Reality” by Leah Jorgensen

3rd Place – “attached to you” by Hayley Fisher

Visual Art – Honorable Mentions

“Lookalike” by Laura Hernandez

“refund” by Hayley Fisher

“White Lands” by Marissa Madison

Editor’s Choice Awards

“UPPER and lower” by Jason Brunner

“Mary Poppins” by Emily Parrott