Soundings 2013


Editor-in-Chief – Hallie Waugh

Assistant Editor – Mandy Nevius

Design Editor – Brittany Cusic

Literary Editor – Shelly Welch

Copy Editor – Allison Scott

Faculty Sponsor – Rebecca Briley, PhD

Literary Staff:

Kyle Hood

Joel Dean

Jessica Williams

Aimee Williams

Juliana Vadnais

Miranda Wilcox

Jenny Dahl

Marketing Staff:

Kelsey Cantwell

Kaylan Watkins

Hannah Ketring

Mindy Borth


Literary Judge – Wanda Luttrell

Artistic Judge – Scott Hill



1st Place – “Dreaming” by Sarah Tinker

2nd Place – “Appearances” by Kristine Pike

3rd Place – “Eden’s Candle” by Jason Brunner


1st Place – “The Typist” by David Sellers


1st Place – “Snapshot from a Dream” by Emily Parrott

2nd Place – “Ondine” by Alison Treat

3rd Place – “Girl with Hair” by Jessica Brown

Honorable Mention – “Luminous” by Hannah Heithold


1st Place – “Stare Down” by Lauren Bygland

2nd Place – “Vortex” by David Sellers

3rd Place – “Profile of Our Sun” by Hannah Bingham

Honorable Mention – “Sunday Best” by Hannah Heithold

Editor’s Choice Awards

“Abeyance” by Brittany Cusic

“Pollock” by Jenny Dahl