Soundings 2012


Editor-in-Chief – Laura R. Hernandez

Assistant Editor – Amy Ellingson

Design Staff – Benjamin Jenkins & Brittany Cusic

Marketing – Kaley White

Faculty Sponsor – Rebecca Briley, PhD

Literary Staff:

Allison Cade

Kelsey Cantwell

Katy Clift

Joel Dean

Lindsey Lewis

Hallie Stapp

Freshman Intern – Mindy Borth


Rilla Askew & Alison Amick



1st Place – “Deep Sound” by Stephanie Roach

2nd Place – “7” by Jason Brunner

3rd Place – “Fine Dining” by Mandy Hooper

Literary Honorable Mentions

“Breath of Bones” by J.M. Dahl

“Sonnets of Myself” by Shelly Welch


Visual Art

1st Place – “Perpetuity” by J.M. Dahl

2nd Place – “Night Life” by Drew Nevius

3rd Place – “House on Haunted Hill” by Alison Treat