Soundings 2010


Editors – Bailey Thomas & Chelsey Jackson

Design & Layout Editors – Rachel Poland & Rachel Swindler

Assistant Editors – Laura Hernandez, Amanda Jordan, Ben Rawlins, & Abigail Townsend

Faculty Advisor – Peggy Gipson, PhD


Kate Long & Amy Hardin



1st Place – “A Lovely Little War” by Ashley Williams

2nd Place – “Stones” by David Bowden

3rd Place – “Sometimes Faith” by Wil Norton

Literature – Honorable Mentions

“Midnight in March” by Lissie Springman

“Untitled Conversation #23” by Ashley Williams

Visual Art

1st Place – “A Sincere Appreciation for the Purity of Silence with a Chance of Wind” by Lissie Springman

2nd Place – “Roman Rain” by Lisa Curry

3rd Place – “All That is Lost” by Laura Jacobs