Distinguished Alumni

Distinguished Alumni

Dr. Jim Bond (Class of 1991); orthopedic surgeon; University of Oklahoma (M.A. English, M.D.)

Rebekah Chisolm Taylor (Class of 2004); Attorney at Law, the Law Offices of Keith J. Nedwick, P.C.

Dr. Robyn Helms Miller (Class of 1985); Oklahoma State University (Ed.D.) Cabinet Member, Oklahoma State Department of Education

Dr. Allison Garrett (Class of 1984); President, Emporia St. University

Mark Stansberry (Class of 1977); CEO and Presdient of The Global Trade and Development Corporation 

Dr. Daryl Tippens (Class of 1969); Provost, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA

Recent Alumni

Charles Carter (Class of 2014); full scholarship to Southern Methodist University School of Law 

Emily Elliot (Class of 2008); B.A. Spanish, MSW, Columbia University

Blake Ewing (class of 2001); University of Texas Law School graduate 

Ashleigh Hess (2009); M.A., Hispanic Studies, The American University, Washington D.C.

Cady Haas Jackson (2012); M.A. candidate University of Oklahoma; recipient of the Bambas Medieval Studies Scholarship; former Associate Director of Honors, Oklahoma Christian University

Will Blanchard (Class of 2007); Director of Foundation Relations, Oklahoma Christian University

Aaron Pogue (Class of 2002); Bestselling Author of Taming Fire and The Dragonswarm; founder, president and CEO of Direct2Digital

Wil Norton (Class of 2011); Teach for America; best essay 2011-12 Sigma Tau Delta Review; M.A., Georgetown University

Kristina Riggs Booker (Class of 2006); Ph.D, Southern Methodist University; Assistant Professor of Humanities, St. Gregory's University

Vicki Masten (Class of 2008); first woman from OC to participate in the highly-prestigious Leadership Enrichment for Women conference. Masten currently teaches English at the magnet school Santa Fe South in Oklahoma City

Jess Nocona Tucker (Class of 2014); full scholarship to Simmons College M.A. program in Gender and Film Studies

Brett Vanderzee (Class of 2012); Director of Music and Arts, Quail Springs Church of Christ 

Ann White (Class of 2004); Online content strategist, The Chickasaw Nation

Aimee Williams (Class of 2014); M.A. student in Fashion Studies at Parsons, the New School for Design in New York

Jessica Williams (Class of 2014); M.A. student in Film Studies at Savannah College of Art and Design 

Outstanding English Graduate Awards

Janie Davidson Nelson(1981)

Rick Canning (1982)

Rodney Malpert (1983)

Dana Williams (1983)

Kathy Dickenson (1984)

Joel Newton (1985)

Cynthia Branch (1986)

Connie McCormack (1987)

Bonie McCord (1988)

Deanna Davis (1989)

Kara Friesen (1990)

Cami Agan (1991)

Marilyn Hankins (1992)

John Pennington (1993)

Tony Washington (1994)

Paula Holcomb (1995)

Heather Fowler (1996)

Anita Martin (1997)

Andrew Hammontree (1998)

Sarah Thomas (1999)

Courtney Weger Cantrell (2000)

Julia Tandy (2001)

Travis Montgomery (2002)

Erin O'Roke (2003)

Misty Jackson (2004)

Lacey Turner (2004)

Lauren Bruner (2005)

Kristina Riggs (2006)

Julia Kaissling (2007)

Paul Mitchell (2008)

Angela Bebb (2009) 

Roy Rhodes (2009)

Abigail Townsend (2010)

Wil Norton (2011)

Kelsey Frobisher (2012)

Cady Jackson (2012)

Geraldine Burns Award for Excellence in English Studies

Deanna Davis (1989)

Kerry McElfresh (1990)

James Bond (1991)

Lisa Huddleston (1992)

Monica Bills (1993)

Kristy Chamberlain (1994)

Linda Sexson (1995)

Kasey Ketcherside (1996)

John Michener (1997)

Alison Buxton (1998)

Becky Gault (1999) 

Stephanie Blair (2000)

Amy Young (2001)

Blake Ewing (2002)

David Roberts (2003)

Alissa Nephew (2004)

Heather Meyer (2005)

Talsie Downs (2006)

Kayla Keesee (2007)

Victoria Masten (2008)

Annalisa Briggs (2009)

Kayla Saffell (2010)

Mica Starnes (2011)

Katy Clift (2012)

Outstanding Foreign Language Student

Christina Wilhite (2002)

Heather Hartman (2003)

Kyle Seitsinger (2004)

Kelsey Rogstad (2005)

Rachel Drysdale (2006)

Rebecca Shad (2007)

Rachel Antrikin (2008)

Ashleigh Hess (2009)

Barrie Mitchell (2010)

Drew Nevius (2011)

Cody Bryant (2012)

Outstanding Service to the Department

LaChelle Mason (2004)

Wes McGee (2005)

Amy Thomson (2006)

Heather Crayton (2007)

Amy Hardin (2008)

Kate Long (2009)

Ben Rawlins (2010)

Chelsey Lauer (2011)

Claudia Brazle (2012)

Above and Beyond Award

Amy Thomson (2005)

Heather Crayton (2006)

David Suffolk (2007)

Kate Long (2008)

Brianna Swaim (2009)

Brent Cowan (2012)

Rose Taylor Scholarship

Julia Kaissling (2006)

Jarod Beverly (2007)

Angela Bebb (2008)

Kayla Saffell (2009)

Cady Haas (2010)

Claudia Brazle (2011)

Hallie Stapp (2012)

Outstanding TEFL Major

Adrienne Gatewood (2004)

Miranda Brazle (2008)

Jared Beverly (2009)

Morgan Nash (2011)

Yixin Zhang (2012)

Dean's Academic Award

Jessica Fuller (2006) Carson Webb (2007) Jessica Schrock Turner (2008)