Program Overview

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The Oklahoma Christian University Honors Program is designed for good thinkers who value knowledge for its intrinsic worth and its enabling power.

  • Honors students have had strong academic experiences in high school.
  • Honors students accept intellectual challenges to understand and perform at the highest possible level.
  • Honors students are majoring in many disciplines, bringing their diverse insights to their work with other Honors students.

Criteria for Admissions to the Honors Program:

  • High school GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • ACT of 28 or SAT of 1310
  • Evidence of strong writing and critical thinking skills
  • Attach a sample of your writing to this application. It should be the best analytical or research paper you wrote in a high school course (500 words or more; for example, a research paper you received a high grade on). The paper should be something you feel comfortable with and reflects your writing style.
  • A personal or telephone interview with Dr. Baird. Honors campus visits are conducted on Fridays and Mondays. Campus Visit days are highly recommended for students and parents.

Dr. Jim Baird 
Director of the Honors Program

Core Curriculum

In the Honors Program, the Core Curriculum of the university is replaced by the Honors Core and the other courses listed below:

HONR 1114 Western Thought & Expression through the Renaissance
HONR 1124 Western Thought & Expression since the Renaissance
HONR 1010 & 1020 Symposium 1 & 2
HONR 1214 The Bible and Classical Literature
HONR 1224 The Bible, Science, and Human Values
HONR 2010 & 2020 Symposium 3 & 4
HONR 2113 Quest for Meaning: Christ and the Good Life
HONR 2123 Quest for Identity: Race, Class and Gender
HONR 3111, 3121, 411 Symposium 5, 6, 7
HONR 4121 Senior Honors Seminar
HONR 4113 International experience or language 3 hours
Bible 9 hours
Mathematics (most have AP, Concurrent, or CLEP credit) 3 hours
Composition 1 (most have AP, Concurrent, or CLEP credit) 3 hours
Science (with lab) 3 hours

Honors Student Experience

Videos-Overview of OC's University Honors Program and the Honors Catalyst Program Engages Students in All Majors

Meet three Honors seniors who are fully engaged in their undergraduate studies while preparing for their future! OC Honors graduates flourish - whether attending an elite graduate, medical, or law school, a nationally-ranked research program, or professional life with a respected firm. 

The videos features life in Honors and the Senior Honors Catalyst Project- Undergraduate Research, Creative Activity, or Pre-Professional Involvement. Congratulations on outstanding Catalyst Projects that set Honors students "above and beyond"!

"When entering the Honors Program, I really had no idea how it would impact my college experience. However, the Honors Program completely changed my perception of me and the world. The courses and readings challenge students to consider a larger world picture without neglecting the development of a personal identity. The experiences of the Honors Program gave me the skills and the confidence to achieve great success at Oklahoma Christian and in my graduate program as well."

-Sada Knowles

"I quickly learned what it means to study. The Honors Program not only afforded me my four closest girlfriends, but made my academic experience a true challenge, and it is truly rewarding. The many faculty members who have taught an honors course just one semester still greet me by name whenever we meet. For me, this is the true college experience."

-Abby Copeland

"The Honors Program at Oklahoma Christian has been one of the most valuable parts of my college experience, if not the most valuable. Through the program, I was able to develop relationships that have continued to challenge me to grow intellectually, emotionally and, most of all, spiritually. The program has allowed me to refine how I think and, in essence, has helped me to develop a more Christian, service-based outlook on life. I have also learned the necessary skills to pursue graduate work and feel confident applying to the top academic schools."

-Gabe Peterson

"I have made several of my closest friends through the Honors Program, but I have many friends from many other areas of Oklahoma Christian as well. The Honors Program at Oklahoma Christian is for students who desire an Ivy League education, but wish to study in a strong Christian environment. It challenges students to daily evaluate themselves, their faith and the world around them. The program is aimed as much at changing the student as it is at teaching the student to change the world."

-Kenton Brown

"The Oklahoma Christian Honors Program has equipped me for graduate study through personalized attention from professors and intense research requirements. Within my first semester, the program guided me toward a more diverse worldview and taught me the value of critical examination over blind acceptance. The Honors Program is challenging, but, in my opinion, the rewards far outweigh the effort."

-Kristina Riggs Booker, Ph.D. candidate at Southern Methodist University