Master of Theological Studies

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Program Description

The Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) degree requires 48 credit hours. The coursework includes equipping the student with tools for graduate study, advanced studies in the Bible, as well as Theology. Students focus their courses in one of two areas: Scripture or Theology. Students may also choose either a Thesis or Non-Thesis track, under the guidance of their academic advisor.  Those in the Thesis track will complete a 60-90 page thesis under the guidance of a faculty member, preparing them for further academic work, such as a Ph.D. program (counts for 6 credit hours).  Those students in the Non-Thesis track will instead take two course electives as part of their degree plan.  All students will also submit a portfolio consisting of certain papers with faculty feedback and student reflections.  This portfolio serves to demonstrate the formation of the student in the areas of exegesis of Christian texts and the ability to think theologically.

Curriculum Overview

  • Foundations (3 hours)
  • Bible and Theology Core (18 hours)
  • Focus Courses (21 hours)
  • Additional Electives or Thesis (6 hours)
  • Portfolio


Foundations (3 hours)

  • Introduction to Graduate Study

Bible and Theology Core (18 hours)

  • Introduction to the Old Testament and Its Theologies
  • Introduction to the New Testament and Its Theologies
  • Advanced Biblical Exegesis
  • Historical Theology I
  • Historical Theology II
  • Systematic Theology

Focus Courses (21 hours)

Students choose one of the following two focuses:
Scripture Focus (21 hours)

  • Seminar in the Gospels
  • Seminar in the Pauline Epistles
  • Wisdom Literature
  • Politics, Power, and Faith in Israel's First History: Deuteronomy - 2 Kings
  • Seminar in Selected New Testament Passages (course can be repeated as content changes)
  • Seminar in Selected Old Testament Passages (course can be repeated as content changes)
  • Intermediate Greek
  • Selected Greek NT Readings
  • Selected Greek Readings/Gospels

Theology Focus (21 hours)
Choose in consultation with advisor

  • History of the Restoration Movement
  • Seminar in Selected Church History Topics
  • Contemporary Theology
  • Ethics
  • Seminar in Selected TheologyTopics (course can be repeated as content changes)
  • Theology of Worship
  • Non-Christian Religions
  • Philosophical Theology

Additional Electives or Thesis (6 hours)

 Thesis track 

  • Thesis I
  • Thesis II

Non-Thesis track

  • any 6 hours of electives from courses listed above


To be assembled and submitted under guidance of academic advisor.

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