Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

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Program Description

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) degree consists of 48 credit hours of study designed to equip you with tools for graduate study, give you advanced studies in the Bible, and train you in practical ministry skills. The capstone event in the MACM program is a comprehensive examination in which you as a student demonstrate your ability to integrate graduate level biblical studies and ministry skills.

Curriculum Overview

  • Foundations (3 hours)
  • Biblical Studies (18 hours)
  • History-Theology (6 hours)
  • Ministry Studies (18 hours)
  • Field Work (3 hours)
  • Comprehensive Examination


Foundations (3 hours)

  • Introduction to Graduate Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies (18 hours)

  • Introduction to the Old Testament and Its Theologies
  • Introduction to the New Testament and Its Theologies
  • Advanced Biblical Exegesis
  • 9 hours biblical studies electives
    Note: 6 hours may be taken in Greek or Hebrew as part of the Original Language track, or you may choose all 9 hours from the elective pool as part of the English Only track.

History-Theology (6 hours)

  • Restoration Movement History
  • 3 hours of history-theology electives

Ministry Studies (18 hours)

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Preaching and Communicating Scripture
  • Counseling for Ministers
  • Theology for Ministry
  • 6 hours of ministry studies electives

Field Education (3 hours)

Supervised field education experience

Comprehensive Examination (0 hours)

Please note:  If you have not had at least 10 credit hours of undergraduate textual Bible study, you will need to take one 3 credit hour leveling class, Graduate Survey of the Bible before enrolling in other textual Bible courses.

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