In Oklahoma Christian University’s Graduate School of Theology, you will be challenged by master teachers and mentors who are called to prepare you for ministry and are dedicated to providing you with the best graduate education you can receive.  The members of our faculty are ministers, missionaries, and counselors who bring a wealth of ministry experience and training from prestigious institutions to the classroom. Their mission is to produce educated and effective ministers.

James D. Dvorak, Ph.D.
Acting Chair for the Graduate School of Theology, Dr. Jim Dvorak, professor of Greek and New Testament in the Graduate School of TheologyAssociate Professor of Biblical Greek and New Testament, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, Director of the North Institute for Teaching and Learning

  • B.A., Oklahoma Christian University
  • M.Div., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • M.A., George Washington University
  • Ph.D., McMaster Divinity College

Office phone: 405.425.5379
Email: James D. Dvorak
Website: www.jdvorak.net

Dr. James D. Dvorak earned his B.A. in Bible from OC in 1995, his M. Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 2001, his M.A. in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University in 2004, and his Ph.D. from McMaster Divinity College, specializing in Hellenistic Greek and Linguistics. James has many years of experience teaching as a New Testament Teaching Fellow at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; an adjunct in both the College of Biblical Studies and the College of Professional Studies at OC; and most recently as a part-time faculty of New Testament at McMaster Divinity College. His research interests include: application of modern linguistics and discourse analysis to the study of ancient and biblical Greek grammar, translation theory, and New Testament interpretation; implementation of modern linguistics and discourse analysis as a hermeneutical/exegetical model; New Testament theology; and the history of biblical interpretation. Dvorak has published a number of edited volumes, articles, chapters, and book reviews.  To access some of Dr. Dvorak's publications, visit his academia.edu profile.

Charles Rix, Ph.D.Charles Rix, Professor of Bible in the Graduate School of Theology
Interim Dean for the College of Biblical Studies, Associate Professor of Bible

  • B.B.A, Abilene Christian University
  • M.I.M., Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • M.T.S., New Brunswick Theological Seminary
  • M. Phil, Drew University, 
  • Ph.D., Drew University

Office phone: 405.425.5379
Email: Charles Rix

Dr. Rix came to OC with career backgrounds in the academy, ministry, and international business. Dr. Rix is at Oklahoma Christian because teaching Bible is his passion. He uses his diverse background to explore the many ways in which the scriptures illuminate spiritual truth and make meaning in the lives of his students. Prior to coming to Oklahoma Christian, Dr. Rix taught at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Jersey, served as the pulpit minister of the Monmouth Church of Christ in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, and held various financial positions with ExxonMobil Corporation, both domestically and overseas. He holds graduate degrees in business, theology, and philosophy, and completed his Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from Drew University. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and frequently presents at conferences. Charles is also a concert pianist and has given master classes and benefit recitals domestically and internationally. As an artist, student, and teacher of Old Testament, Charles researches ways scripture speaks to the issue of human suffering. He is recently published in a series of essays exploring connections between the Bible, the Shoah, and the art work of post-Holocaust painter Samuel Bak. Charles and his late wife Jenny (Alley) Rix have two children, Nathan Rix and Abby Rix Degge, who have completed their graduate degrees and are currently working in fields of public and social policy and practice.

Josh Bailey, Program Director for the Graduate School of Theology at Oklahoma Christian UniversityJosh Bailey
Program Director, Graduate School of Theology

  • B.S., Oklahoma Christian University                                                        

Office phone: 405.425.5389
Email: Josh Bailey

Josh graduated from Oklahoma Christian University in 1999 with a B.S. degree in Biology.  Before joining the Oklahoma Christian staff in 2011, he worked in the healthcare industry doing high complexity lab work supporting the major organ transplant programs in Oklahoma. He enjoys working at Oklahoma Christian because it allows him to meet great new people that are eager to learn more about God's Word and how they can use that knowledge to strenghen thier ministry in God's Kingdom. Josh serves as a deacon at the Memorial Road Church of Christ, and in his spare time enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, woodworking, and watching movies.

Dr. Jim Baird, Professor of Bible and Philosophy in the Graduate School of TheologyJim Baird, D. Phil. (Oxon.)
Professor of Bible and Philosophy 

  • B.A., Oklahoma Christian University
  • M.Div., Harding Graduate School
  • D.Phil. (Oxon.), Oxford University

Office phone: 405.425.5374
Email: Jim Baird

Dr. Jim Baird specializes in Christian evidences and philosophy of religion. He’s been teaching in OC’s College of Biblical Studies since 1992, and he has been the pulpit minister at the Wilshire Church of Christ since 2000. Jim is married to Yodie, and they have three children – James, Taylor and Elizabeth. 

Jim is often is asked to speak on Christian evidences and related topics frequently both in the U.S. and in various countries around the world. He says, “I love helping kids realize just how powerful Christianity is as a worldview. My motto is: Ask more questions! Christians don’t ever have to run away from the truth. Over and over again, when we investigate, it is Christianity that makes the most sense, and that makes life make the most sense.”

Dr. Bob Carpenter, Professor of Missions in the Graduate School of TheologyBob Carpenter, Ph.D.
Professor of Ministry and Missions 

  • B.A., Princeton University
  • M.A., Stanford University
  • M.A., Abilene Christian University
  • Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara

Office phone: 405.425.5376
Email: Bob Carpenter

Dr. Carpenter is a native of Houston, Texas, who has accumulated a total of fourteen years spent in Brazil. He has a passion for trying to figure out how to communicate the gospel of Christ more effectively and more dynamically to every person, regardless of his or her cultural or educational background or socioeconomic status. He and his wife Donna served for ten years as missionaries in Brasilia, Brazil.

Dr. Carpenter teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in comparative religions, comparative worldviews, cultural anthropology, and missions. He has also led short-term mission trips to several different cities in Brazil, to St. Petersburg, Russia, and to Antalya, Turkey. He loves the opportunities provided by teaching at Oklahoma Christian to challenge students to grow in their appreciation of people who are different from them and also to be ready to learn something from every single person they interact with.

Dr. Carpenter serves as an elder at the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Edmond, Oklahoma, where he and Donna are integrally involved in a ministry to internationals. They have two married daughters who currently live in Brazil and Switzerland.

Dr. Dudley Chancey, Professor of Youth Ministry in the Graduate School of TheologyDudley Chancey, Ph.D.
Professor of Youth Ministry 

  • A.A., Albany Junior College
  • B.S., Tennessee Technological University
  • M.S., Abilene Christian University
  • Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Office phone: 405.425.5373
Email: Dudley Chancey

Dr. Chancey works at OC because of the relationships with people and students. He enjoys “staying young and connected.” He is interested in researching adolescent spiritual formation, parenting adolescents, and adolescent culture. Dr. Chancey is involved in several professional organizations including the National Council on Family Relations, Groves Conference on Marriage and Family, Youth Ministry Educators, and the National Conference on Youth Ministries; he also a sponsor of  the student club Pi. His favorite memories at OC are of seeing students “get out and get jobs, and make a difference in the world.” Dr. Chancey makes a difference in the world as well, not only does he love to teach, but he is dedicated to Honduras family mission trips and the new Latin American Studies abroad program at OC. He is married to Vicki and has two children, Drew and Matt. He attends Memorial Road Church of Christ. 

Dr. John Harrison, Professor of New Testament and Ministry in the Graduate School of TheologyJohn Harrison, Ph.D.
Professor of New Testament and Ministry

  • B.A., David Lipscomb University
  • M.A., Wheaton Graduate School
  • Ph.D., University of Edinburgh

Office phone: 405.425.5377
Email: John Harrison

Dr. Harrison is in the Society of Biblical Literature, and the Institute of Biblical Research. He won the Waterman Award granted by Wheaton Graduate School for excellence in Christian leadership. His academic interests are Jesus in history, the parables of Jesus, and Ecclesiology. He published “Evangelical Society of Ulster” in the Store-Campbell Encyclopedia. He works at OC for “the opportunity to shape students who will help lead in churches, and help to transform and shape the expression of Christian faith.” His favorite memory is the Bible faculty synchronized swimming video. He is married to Sharon, and they have two sons: Joshua and Stewart. Dr. Harrison attends Memorial Road Church of Christ. He is an adult Bible class teacher, and he also takes mission trips to Ireland in the summer.

Dr. Chip Kooi, Professor of Theology in the Graduate School of TheologyWilliam "Chip" Kooi, Ph.D.
Professor of Theology 

  • B.A., Oklahoma Christian University
  • M.A., Abilene Christian University
  • Ph.D., Baylor University

Office phone: 405.425.5381
Email: William "Chip" Kooi

Dr. Kooi came to OC in 2001 after teaching at York College from 1994 to 1997 and at other institutions in Nebraska from 1997 to 2000, including the University of Nebraska-Omaha, while completing his doctoral dissertation. He served as the minister of the Church of Christ in Albion, Nebraska from 1996 to 2001. While completing his course work at Baylor University, he served as the director of Camp Shiloh, a ministry to children of the inner cities of New York. Prior to beginning work on his Ph.D., Dr. Kooi preached at the North Fork Church of Christ on Long Island, New York, while he and his wife (Mendy) served as house parents at Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch in Riverhead, New York. The Koois moved to New York in 1985 where Chip served as the minister for the Poughkeepsie Church of Christ for three years. His doctoral work was in the area of historical theology and his dissertation, "Transvaluation of Metaphysics in Christian Tradition: Toward a Narrative-Liturgical Theology," drew on traditional sources to shape a theology of worship. 

Dr. Stafford North, Distinguished Professor of Bible in the Graduate School of TheologyStafford North, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Bible

  • B.A., Abilene Christian University
  • M.A., Louisiana State University
  • Ph.D., University of Florida

Office phone: 405.425.5380
Email: Stafford North

Dr. North is a member of the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame. He says that he works at OC because, “It is the best way for me to advance the Kingdom of God. Training our youth for the Lord’s service is extremely important – not only to prepare preachers and missionaries, but to prepare people – all occupations – to be servants of God. His main academic research is eschatology – the final events in the history of the world. His favorite memory of OC was “teaching the freshman orientation course for so many years.” He and his wife, Jo Anne, have one son, David, and three daughters, Julie Anderson, Linda Parker, and Susan Moran. Dr. North is an elder at Memorial Road Church of Christ. He is also an author of many books, a Bible class teacher, and he is involved in preaching seminars. Dr. North is also involved in prison ministry.

Doug Peters, D.Min.

Dr. Doug PetersAssociate Professor of Bible, Baugh Chair of Preaching

  • A.A.S., Midwestern State University
  • B.A., Abilene Christian University
  • M.S. Abilene Christian University
  • D.Min., Abilene Christian University

Office phone: 405.425.5392
Email: doug.peters@oc.edu                                                                                                  

Dr. Doug Peters is the Baugh Chair of Preaching at Oklahoma Christian University and a member of the Academy of Homiletics.  Before pursuing the call to ministry, his first career was in electrical engineering at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant.  Dr. Peters has preached in congregations large and small – rural and urban.  Before joining the faculty of Oklahoma Christian in the Fall of 2014, Doug most recently preached for 13 years in Arlington, TX.  His doctoral work focused on “Spiritual Discernment and the Selection of Church Leaders.”

With a focus on teaching preaching and ministry courses, Dr. Peters enjoys engaging students as they study to become theologically reflective practitioners of ministry.  He is excited to help shape the next generation of church leaders for healthy and effective service in God’s kingdom.  He is married to Sheryl and they have two daughters, Lauren and Alani.

Chris RosserMr. Chris Rosser, Theological Librarian
Theological Librarian

  • M.Lis., University of Oklahoma
  • M.Div., Oklahoma Christian University

Office phone: 405.425.5323
Email: Chris Rosser

In 1999, Chris graduated from Oklahoma Christian University as a Bible major with an English minor. He and his wife moved to Mito, Japan, in the summer of 2000 to teach English in public schools and to work as vocational missionaries with the Mito Church of Christ. Chris began working as a full-time missionary for the congregation in 2003. Their two sons were born in Mito, and they returned to the States in Fall 2006.
While serving as a minister with the Eastside Church of Christ in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Chris began the Master of Divinity program here at Oklahoma Christian in Fall 2007, but took a year-long hiatus beginning Summer 2008 to pursue a Master of Library and Information Studies at the University of Oklahoma. Chris completed his M.Div. degree in Spring 2012.
Chris says that he likes working at OC because “teaching at this level is my dream job, and I enjoy working with students to facilitate research and through our interaction in Introduction to Graduate Biblical Studies.”

Grant Testut, Ph.D.Grant Testut, Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament in the Graduate School of Theology
Assistant Professor of Old Testament

  • B.A., Lipscomb University
  • M.Ph., Hebrew Union College
  • Ph.D., Hebrew Union College

Office phone: 405.425.5378
Email: Grant Testut           

Dr. Testut is originally from the town of Ithaca in the Finger Lakes region of New York. A love of languages and a desire to provide bibleless peoples with translations of the scriptures in their mother tongues have led him to work in assistance roles with Bible translators in East and West Africa. Dr. Testut’s research interests are in the Semitic languages and philological approaches to biblical texts. Dr. Testut says, “Whether I am working with translation or teaching students, my passion is to communicate to others an enthusiasm for and an accurate handling of the biblical texts in light of their historical and cultural context. I love challenging and being challenged by my students as we seek to unpack the ancient voices of the Bible and learn how Israel wrestled with God.”  He is married to Melissa, and they have two sons, Declan and Theo.   

For more information, contact josh.bailey@oc.ed

Questions about OC’s Graduate School of Theology? Contact Josh Bailey at josh.bailey@oc.edu or 405-425-5389.