Ministry Tracks

Just as not all parts of the body are the same, not all ministries are the same (I Corinthians 12). OC Graduate School of Theology students select a ministry focus that best suits their current or future ministry goals. Three "tracks" of ministry study are available in the M.A. and M.Div. degree programs: general ministry, family life ministry, and youth ministry. 

General Ministry

The general ministry track is broad in scope. It is often selected by preachers, religious educators, and others with a diverse range of ministry needs or interests. Courses in this track address issues such as culturally sensitive ministry, Christian spiritual formation, leadership, small groups, church growth and health, counseling, and evangelism.

Family Life Ministry

The goal of the family life ministry track is to train family life ministers to provide preventative family ministries within the life of the local church. Courses in this track include family life ministry, theological foundations for family life ministry, family relations, marriage and family dynamics, marriage and family therapy, and theory and practice of family life education.

Youth Ministry

The youth ministry track provides advanced training for ministry to adolescents and teens. Track courses include youth culture, adolescent physical and spiritual development, and teaching adolescents.

Specialized Track

M.Div. students may personalize their ministry studies by selecting any four ministry electives to construct their track. Students that choose this track can develop a curriculum that will best meet the unique needs of the ministry to which God has called them, such as Chaplaincy, Campus Ministry, and Missions.

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