M.A.C.M. Curriculum

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (M.A.C.M.) degree requires 48 credit hours. The coursework includes equipping the student with tools for graduate study, advanced studies in the Bible, and training in practical ministry skills. The capstone event in the MA program is a comprehensive examination in which the student demonstrates his or her ability to integrate graduate level biblical studies and ministry skills.

Curriculum Overview

  • Graduate Study Tools (9 hours)
  • Biblical Studies (15 hours)
  • Ministry Studies (15 hours)
  • Field Work (3 hours)
  • Comprehensive Exam


Graduate Study Tools (9 hours)

  • Introduction to Graduate Study
  • Greek (6 hours)

Biblical Studies (15 hours)

  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Advanced Biblical Exegesis
  • 6 hours of textual electives

Ministry Studies (15 hours)

Students choose one of the following three tracks:
General Ministry Track (15 hours)

  • Communicating and Teaching Scripture
  • 12 hours of General Ministry electives chosen by the student

Family Life Ministry Track (15 hours)

  • 6 core hours
  • 9 hours of Family Life Ministry electives chosen by the student

Youth Ministry Track (15 hours)

  • 9 core hours
  • 6 hours of Youth Ministry electives chosen by the student

Field Work (3 hours)

Supervised field education experience

Comprehensive Examination (0 hours)

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