Program Benefits


You don’t need us to tell you that Computer Science is one of the world’s most high-demand, high-paying career paths. But did you know that CS professionals who step up to earn master’s degrees make about $10,000 more than their peers with bachelor’s degrees? Besides the financial benefits, more top tech companies want their employees to have the expertise that comes with a master’s degree, and OC is here to help you meet that need.

  • OC’s focus on practical Computer Science principles and applications, highlighted by two project classes, will better prepare you to succeed in a competitive job market.
  • OC’s courses examine real-world situations from a Christian worldview and explore how to use your skills for good, equipping you to practice Computer Science with a perspective that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • OC’s affordability, reputation for excellence, and industry connections mean an MSCS degree from Oklahoma Christian offers a big return on your investment.