Preparatory Courses

Students with bachelor’s degrees in disciplines other than business may need to complete needed leveling work (the Common Professional Component) before enrolling in the Oklahoma Christian MBA core program. Credit for these preparatory courses is accepted from any accredited college or university. The four leveling courses are:

BUSA 5013: Economic and Quantitative Analysis
Supply and demand, theory of the consumer, theory of the firm, market structures, free-market resource allocation, government regulation, international trade. Applications of statistical concepts and information systems to business practices

BUSA 5023: Marketing and the Legal Environment
Basic concepts and problems of marketing management in the US and foreign countries. Emphasis on application of principles and theory to the development of strategy. Examination of basic rules of law.

BUSA 5033: Accounting and Financial Resources
A study of the principles, conventions, and concepts underlying internal and external reporting of accounting information by business organizations. Theory and techniques of financial management for business firms.

BUSA 5043: Organizational and Operations Management
Management theory and practice. Analysis of the classical/functional, human relations, management science, and production/operations models of management. Applications of statistical concepts and information systems to business practices.