Core Courses

Students with undergraduate degrees in business and no deficiencies in prescribed undergraduate courses may go directly into the core courses of the Oklahoma Christian MBA program. The core consists of nine prescribed courses in business. With approval, as many as six transfer hours may be applied toward the degree. The core courses are:

ACCT 5103: Accounting Analysis and Control
The course will provide the skills to assist in evaluating issues related to a company’s financing and operating activities based on the financial statements. The course will also focus on how managers can effectively use accounting information to improve performance.

BUSA 5203: Economic Issues
The course covers fundamental micro and macroeconomic concepts. Emphasis on understanding the major issues of U.S. and world economies and the application of economic concepts to management problems.

FINC 5103: Financial Services
The course covers both theoretical and mechanical considerations in the administration of the finance function of today’s service-oriented industries.

INFO 5303: Information Technology and the Future
The course focuses on the preferred tools and techniques for collecting and evaluating information in an organization. Emphasis is placed on e-business and the future.

BUSA 5213: Legal and Regulatory Issues
The course studies the legal environment within which a business must operate. Emphasis is on understanding legal issues and laws affecting business operations and decision-making.

MGMT 5603: Ethics, Decision Making and Communication
This course examines the basic ethical issues involved in the conduct of business from a biblical perspective. Critical thinking of organizations as a spiritual, social, moral, and ethical activity is explored, as well as the decision process. The way these decisions are communicated to others is studied.

MGMT 5613: Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs
The course examines how managers and leaders affect the behavioral social systems of work organizations. The entrepreneurial function is also studied.

MGMT 5653: Strategic Management and Change
This is the MBA capstone course. As such, it should be the last course taken in the curriculum. The importance of integrating management functions and decision making will be emphasized. A case study approach is used.

MKTG 5703: Marketing Management and Innovation
The course focuses on integrating marketing management decisions with the mission of the entity as well as its specific financial objectives.