Real Engineers

The ECE faculty average 16 years of industry experience.  Read about the engineering experience that the ECE faculty is able to bring to the classroom. No place is that more evident in the senior design project where you gain real experience as an engineer.


I worked on designing extremely small quantum devices to produce extremely fast computers and circuits.  In my work, I got to meet or communicate with the inventors of the transistor, integrated circuit, laser and microprocessor.  

–Jeff Bigelow


While at Intel, I worked as a product engineer in design, quality and reliability on all major Intel microprocessors from the 80386 through Pentium® 4. Our team received 2 patents. I was a senior manager when I left Intel to come to OC.

- Steve Maher


I worked on missile guidance systems,  software to fly the space station, systems to detect, locate, and deny threatening communications signals, systems to protect soldiers from certain explosive devices, among other projects.

– Ken Bell


I worked at Conoco, transitioning them to modern data communications technologies just as the World Wide Web exploded in the 90’s.  Then I worked at Cisco Systems with industry leaders such as WorldCom as we designed and built the internet.

- Pat Smith


At AT&T Labs I was on the software engineering group that developed cellular communications and sonar signal processing systems. My main interest is in real-time signal processing.

- David Waldo


At Texas Instruments I worked with Nobel laureate Jack Kilby and did the detailed logic design for the world’s first integrated-circuit computer.  I was also co-architect of the world’s first vector pipeline computer.  I have many patents and was a vice-president.   

- Joe Watson