Real Christians

JBigelow I get to help students develop the gifts God has given them and teach them to use those gifts in His service as engineers.  I mostly view my job as encourager to learn and not give up.

–Jeff Bigelow

SMaher I’m driven to provide students a top-notch engineering education in a Christian environment.  In Silicon Valley, I saw people “doing it right” and “not doing it right”.  I want to use my experiences to make a difference for students so they can make a difference in the world for our Lord.

- Steve Maher


The world has many problems.  Many can only be solved by persons possessing great skill and understanding alongside great love and compassion.  It is exciting to share in developing just this kind of people, prepared to really make a positive difference!

– Ken Bell


I teach at OC to make a difference in the lives of young people starting their life. I know faith and Godly wisdom lead to a full life, a rewarding career, and eternity in heaven.  I want my students to know that too!

- Pat Smith


OC has given me many opportunities to work closely with students. I have been a sponsor on the European Studies program and I have been the sponsor for the Alpha service club. It is very rewarding being a Christian mentor.

- David Waldo


God has provided me with a rich set of experiences that I can share with young people who plan to be engineers.  I believe learning should be fun and I enjoy the fellowship of our students and faculty as we learn together how to work with God’s wonders to enhance our lives.

- Joe Watson