Choosing ECE at OC

What You Want from Your Engineering Degree

We asked a lot of questions about what you want out of an EE or CE degree, and this is what we found out:


Students:  In OC’s ECE program you know you’ll be part of a strong community of faith and build a network of Christian friends that extends far past graduation.  What you need is an engineering degree that creates opportunities and lets you serve God as an engineer.

Parents: You see our ABET–accredited programs and know engineering will provide an outstanding career.  What concerns you now is a safe environment where faith is strengthened and gifts are developed.

Industry:  Industry needs hard working, ethical engineers they can count on now, but also engineers who balance their lives between work, family, community, and church so that they can contribute for a long time to their companies.  The OC engineering education combined with Christian ethics and values help you become just such an employee!  That’s why the engineering community continually pursues our graduates.

What We Did

With the needs you and industry have in mind, we have designed a completely different kind of program.

Real Engineers:  Who better to educate engineers than engineers?  That is a huge difference at OC.  Our faculty averages 16 years of industry experience.  We know what is needed by industry and we designed our curriculum to get you there.

Real Christians: Even with our industry focus, we are Christians who view these programs as our service to God.  Our faith influences and motivates our roles as professors, our relationships to the students, and our activities of service.

Real Difference:  The net impact of these two factors is a life-changing experience for you, the student. We have small class sizes to facilitate mentoring and learning.   We have a high concentration of lab experiences to emulate industry.  We have a model senior design sequence that gives you real experience as an engineer before graduation.  All done under the oversight of Christian professors who emphasize the development of your gifts in service to God.