ECE Community

ECE Student AwardsECE-2

The students in the ECE department are talented and academically strong.  One way we recognize the achievements of the students is with faculty selected awards.  Here you can read about past outstanding students who have been recognized.

ECE Student Scholarships

Through generous donations from those who see the value of an engineering education in a  Christian, the ECE department is able to give scholarships to help students attend OC and study electrical and computer engineering.  Here we have listed recent scholarship recipients.

Engineering Fundamentals

ECE students take Engineering Fundamentals the spring of their freshman year.  In it they build a robot and write an operating system to function autonomously.  Go here to watch a video of the students robots and browse the Fundamentals Hall of Fame.

ECE Systems DesignECE-1

The Systems Design Sequence is the ECE department's emulation of industry and the capstone for every ECE student. Each team of 4-5 students has a faculty member and begins working on an engineering design project in the spring of the junior year and will finish spring of their senior year. The teams have to meet engineering specifications, are given a budget, and follow the ECE department's own design process, which is the synthesis of the faculty's industry experience. Here you can read about this year's design projects.