ECE Milestones

circuit-portraitHere are some of the major milestones in ECE history:

  • 2015. In response to industry, the departments adds an emphasis in Software Engineering to both its EE and CE programs
  • 2015. OC graduates its 300thECE student
  • 2014. The ECE department celebrates a record enrollment of 117 students.
  • 2012. OC graduates its 200thEE student
  • 2010. OC graduates its 200thECE student
  • 2007. Both CE and EE degrees become 4 year programs (128 hours).
  • 2008. The ECE Department exceeds 100 students for the first time.
  • 2004. The CE program receives accreditation from ABET.
  • 2003.  OC graduates its first computer engineering students (Transfer students Chuck Robinson and Jonathan Taliafero)
  • 2001.  The department adds Computer Engineering, and changes its name to Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Sam Visalli becomes 1stcomputer engineering student.
  • 2000. OC graduates its 100thEE student
  • 1999.  The EE program is reduced to 140 hours (4 1/2 years)
  • 1997.  The School of Engineering is formed and includes three new departments. One of these is the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Dr. Jeff Bigelow becomes its first chair.
  • 1991. The EE Program receives accreditation from ABET.
  • 1991. Prince Engineering Center opens.
  • 1990. First graduating class of engineering students include 10 EE students.
  • 1988. OC graduates its 1th EE student (James Dang)
  • 1986. The Department of Engineering is formed with Dr. Troy Pemberton as its first department chair.  Two 5-year degrees are offered: Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.  Lynn Nored serves as the first electrical engineering program director.  Students could choose from five emphases: communications, computers, controls, electronics, or general.