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In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the whole world looks for the five Golden Tickets Willy Wonka has hidden in his chocolate bars.  But the Golden Ticket is in plain sight in college education: a degree in computer or electrical engineering. Why is ECE the Golden Ticket?

  1. The Job Market (Every tech company wants engineers because they are trained to solve complicated problems; and engineers with software knowledge because the computer is at the center of the workplace.  A computer or electrical engineering degree is exactly what they want!)
  2. The Career (Engineers get to work on new technology, and have many options to work on technology to help people.  They are treated with respect and very well paid.)
  3. The Life-style (You will be paid enough and have enough time off to pursue your passion. Whether it is music, art, travelling, service or mission trips, as an engineer you will have the time and resources to have a full and meaningful life.)
And OC is the best place we know of to get your degree:
  1. Best graduation rate on campus and of any known ECE program
  2. Best job placement (100% of our graduates are getting jobs)
  3. Hands-on curricula taught by experienced faculty
Look around this site to learn about the advantages of getting your engineering degree at a small, private, faith-based university.  
  1. Academic Information: Learn about the CE and EE degree plans.
  2. Future ECE Students: Find out how to get more information, ESA and the advantages of our programs.
  3. ECE Community: Take a peak at Fundamentals and Systems, the begining and end of your degree.
  4. ECE Department at a Glance: Review enrollment numbers and some history about the ECE department.
We are looking for bright men and women who want to develop the gifts God has given them and then use them to serve Him in a career that serves people. Make an appointment to come have lunch with us to discuss whether OC is a fit for you.

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What I Can Do With My Degree

A better question is "What CAN'T I do with a degree in computer or electrical engineering?" Typical careers are in Aerospace, Computer/Software Development, Digital Television, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, New Technologies for Airplanes, Cars, Space Vehicles, Phones, Security Systems and Telescopes. But IEEE Spectrum (February 2013) publishes a list of Dream Jobs every year that electrical and computer engineers do.  Here are some of them:

  1. A teacher who helps high school students build high-efficiency cars
  2. A designer who created ski goggles with heads up display
  3. A music lover who designs high performance speakers
  4. A software developer who helps teacher develop online courses
  5. A sailor who was the engineer on the first solar boat to circumnavigate the globe
With an EE or CE degree, you will be able to use technology to solve the problems we face in day-to-day life.


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