Criminal Justice


Oklahoma Christian University is accepting applications now for admission to our new Criminal Justice degree program, which starts in Fall 2018.

Prepare for a impactful career that reflects the character of Christ through a commitment to justice, compassion, and personal safety. Learn about police procedures, criminal behavior, and the affect of crime on society. Understand case law and how it relates to the adult and juvenile justice systems. Identify ways in which oppression, privilege, discrimination, and social and economic disadvantage contribute to inequalities and injustices within criminal justice systems.

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Oklahoma Christian will equip you to lead, protect, and serve in your community. Apply today!

Interesting Classes I Might Take

  • Comparative Justice Systems, Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice, Deviance and Social Justice, Ethics in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Psychology of Crime, Theories of Criminal Behavior
  • All Courses

What I Can Do With My Degree

CIA Agent, Computer Forensics Investigator, Correctional Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, DEA Agent, FBI Agent, Forensic Science Technician, Fraud Investigator, Homicide Detective, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent, Police Officer, Private Detective, Secret Service Agent, US Marshal

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