• THEO-5003 Contemporary Theology

    Acquaints students with secular and religious thought that impacts contemporary life. The course gives attention to such areas as secular humanism, liberation theology, authoritarian religions, Eastern religions, cults, fundamentalism, and liberalism. Issues will be studied in light of biblical teachings. Replaces BIBL-5823, Contemporary Religious Issues. M.Div. students only.

  • THEO-5013 Ethics

    This course surveys the history of Western theories about ethics and then engages in fairly detailed analysis of several important positions for current secular theorizing about ethical issues. This is followed by a detailed look at a seminal Christian critique of modern ethical theory and a significant work of constructive New Testament ethics.

  • THEO-5023 Systematic Theology

    A topical or -systematic- study of Christian doctrines, arranged by the classical theological categories (anthropology, pneumatology-ethics, ecclesiology, eschatology, Christology, soteriology, and theology proper). Special attention will also be given to hermeneutics and contemporary theologies such as liberation thought, critical theory, process thought and liturgical theology.

  • THEO-5033 Apologetics

    The content of this course varies depending on the interests of the students and professor. The course may be repeated as content varies.

  • THEO-5113 Theology of Worship

    This course will examine the history of Christian worship as it has been embedded in various cultural forms, survey contemporary theologies of worship, and examine the Biblical evidence in the context of our own culture toward formation of the student's own theology of worship. Theological questions will function thematically in the course, such as: How should Christian worship reflect the person of God- How should Christian worship communicate to its host cultures- What makes Christian worship Christian-

  • THEO-5143 Non-Christian Religions

    This course will examine several non-Christian religions in our culture that have either been attracting large numbers of followers in recent decades, such as Islam, Buddhism, and the New Age Movement, or otherwise have been exerting an influence in the culture itself through such avenues as alternative medicine and martial arts. Prominent doctrines and practices will be analyzed in terms of Christian discipleship, apologetics and evangelism. Same as GMIN-5143. Formerly BIBL-5143.

  • THEO-5153 Philosophical Theology

    This course is designed to give students a solid introduction to current scholarly issues concerning the evidence for the existence of God and the rationality of Christian faith. The core of the course will be an examination of a superb presentation of the case for atheism and two uniquely powerful but very different cases in defense of Christian belief. The majority of classroom time will be spent in Socratic discussion of the assigned texts. Same as GMIN-5153. Formerly BIBL-5153.

  • THEO-5563 Directed Research

    This course provides students an opportunity to research and study important issues related to family life ministry, youth ministry, or general ministry. Offered as an independent study with permission of the student's advisor. Formerly BIBL-5563 and 5863.

  • THEO-5853 Theology for Ministry

    This course is a study of the theological bases for the primary activities of ministry in various contexts, including preaching, youth, and family ministry. Attention will be given to the minister's spiritual preparation for ministry and to the theology that grounds and shapes worship, counseling, evangelism, care for those physically or spiritually weak and for the dying and grieving, and care for the poor.