• MKTG-3313 Principles of Marketing

    An introduction to the fundamentals of marketing. Product distribution, promotion, and price are studied with emphasis on the marketing aspects of managerial decision making in a dynamic society. This course is normally offered every semester.

  • MKTG-3413 Consumer Behavior

    The study of consumer motivations and values in the light of social and psychological theory. This background provides standards of the social and human evaluation of marketing activities, with emphasis on consumer motivation and consumer psychological makeup. The course develops the relationship between social and psychological factors in marketing activities. This course is normally offered in the spring semester.

  • MKTG-3513 Electronic Commerce and Online Marketing

    An in-depth study of the structure of online markets, online buyer behavior, business to business online, virtual product offerings, web-based promotion, logistics and fulfillment, and web-based pricing. Students are required to create a web-based business, design their own web page, and market a product online. This course is normally offered in summer.

  • MKTG-3713 Sales Management and the Sales Process

    An in-depth look at the process of selling all types of products and services and at the process of managing a sales territory. A combination of lecture, class discussion, and student presentations will be utilized. This course is normally offered in the spring semester.

  • MKTG-4313 Promotional Strategies

    An introduction to the various communication channels available for the spread of promotional information about goods, services and ideas to prospects. The course gives special attention to behavioral considerations and places particular emphasis upon the duties of marketing managers in planning, implementing, and controlling a program of promotional communication. This course is normally offered in the spring semester.

  • MKTG-4513 Marketing Research

    The study of marketing research theory and technique with special emphasis on the use of the scientific method. The course seeks to develop the student-s analytical ability, to familiarize the student with the basic marketing research tools, and to develop the student-s proficiency in the art of writing research reports. This course is normally offered in the fall semester.

  • MKTG-4613 Marketing Management

    A study of managerial aspects of the marketing function, emphasizing the qualitative criteria utilized in evaluating marketing alternatives. The course includes topics related to the decision-making process such as marketing research, product development, advertising and promotion, sales management, cost and demand analysis, competition, pricing, packaging, and forecasting. This course is normally offered in the spring semester.

  • MKTG-4723 Global Marketing

    This course discusses the marketing of goods, services, and ideas in the context of a multinational environment. Same as INTL-4723. This course is normally offered in the spring semester.

  • MKTG-4900 Independent Study in Marketing

    Assigned readings, reports, and research projects based on the needs of the student. (1-3 hours). A maximum of 3 hours may be counted toward major. This course Is offered as needed.

  • MKTG-4990 Internship in Marketing

    Supervised marketing internship with approved firm or organization; written and oral reports are required. (Variable credit, 1-3 semester hours; 30 hours work required for each hour of credit with a maximum of 3 credit hours.) This course is offered as needed.

  • MKTG-5703 Marketing Management and Innovation

    The course focuses on integrating marketing management decisions with the mission of the entity as well as its specific financial objectives.