• MGMT-3113 Principles of Management

    An introduction to the management processes of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The theory and history of management, decision making, policy planning, organization planning, supervising, coordinating and controlling and human resources management are studied. This course is normally offered every semester.

  • MGMT-3213 Operations Management

    A study of the production operations function in business including the creation of both goods and services. Attention is given to the design, location and operation of the productive system and its interrelationship with other systems in the organization. The course places special emphasis on the use of quantitative technique in decision making. This course is normally offered in the fall semester.

  • MGMT-3323 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

    An introduction and examination of entrepreneurial, small business, self-employment opportunities, and new venture processes. The course covers managerial activities needed for start-up and operation of the small business enterprise. This course is normally offered in the fall semester.

  • MGMT-3533 Issues in Management

    This course covers a selection of current issues and specialized topics in management. The course is updated each year to ensure relevant topics are considered and explored. This course is normally offered in the fall semester.

  • MGMT-4313 Organizational Behavior

    An integration of social sciences as they affect people at work. The organization is analyzed from the standpoint of three interacting systems: the individual, the group, and the organization itself. Emphasis is placed on managing organizational behavior. (Same as PSYC-4313 or SOCI-4313.) This course is normally offered in the spring semester.

  • MGMT-4413 International Management

    International management is an analysis of cultural impacts on International management and International business. Along with information technology, international management is the major challenge facing organizations entering the new millennium. All countries and companies are now part of the super competitive global marketplace. Emphasis is placed on the emerging role of the global manager as a cosmopolitan, communicator, negotiator, creator of synergy, and change leader. Seven major world regions - North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa - are discussed for matters of cultural specifics. This course will provide a balanced approach to International Management by discussing international environment, culture, strategy and functions and organizational behavior and human resource management. Same as INTL-4413. This course is normally offered in the fall semester.

  • MGMT-4513 Human Resource Management

    A study of the major human resource management processes including staffing, training and development, appraisal, compensation, leadership, organizational justice, labor relations, quality of work life and employee health and safety. The course focuses on contemporary human resource management issues. This course is normally offered in the fall semester.

  • MGMT-4613 Strategic Management

    A capstone seminar that draws together the concepts and tools studied in previous business courses. The course uses the case method of instruction and a computer-based simulation, and it affords practice in analyzing authentic managerial problems in free enterprise from the varying viewpoints of diverse disciplines and practice in forming workable solutions which consider both technical and human factors. The course gives particular attention to the standards of conduct appropriate for Christian leaders. This course is normally offered every semester.

  • MGMT-4743 International Consulting and Development

    A study and application of the international consulting process using social-entrepreneurial tools to address problems in developing nations. Topics addressed include: poverty, -when helping hurts-, microfinance, access to capital, problems with aid, social entrepreneurship, fair trade, performance analysis, conscious capitalism, and service centered missions. Each student will work individually and in a team to address a specific, real-world problem or change effort currently underway in a variety of international settings. Same as COMM-4743, INTL-4743, and MISS-4743 This course is normally offered in the spring semester.

  • MGMT-4900 Independent Study in Management

    Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing and approval of the chair of the college. (1-3 hours). A maximum of 3 hours may be counted toward major. Assigned readings, reports and research projects based on the needs of the individual student. This course is offered as needed.

  • MGMT-4990 Internship in Management

    Supervised and approved management internship with firm or organization; written and oral reports are required along with employer evaluation. (Variable credit, 1-3 semester hours; 30 hours work required for each hour of credit with a maximum of 3 credit hours.) This course is offered as needed.

  • MGMT-5603 Ethics, Decision Making & Communication

    This course examines the basic ethical issues involved in the conduct of business from a biblical perspective. Critical thinking of organizations as a spiritual, social, moral, and ethical activity is explored, as well as the decision process. The way these decisions are communicated to others is studied.

  • MGMT-5613 Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs

    The course examines how managers and leaders affect the behavioral social systems of work organizations. The entrepreneurial function is also studied.

  • MGMT-5623 Team and Group Leadership

    This course examines leadership within organizational settings. Leadership dilemmas and issues relating to groups are analyzed. Emphasis is placed on enhancing team leadership in organizations.

  • MGMT-5633 Systems Diagnosis and Intervention Technique

    The course will focus on assessing the health-effectiveness of an organizational system and planning an intervention-change strategy that will increase the effectiveness of the organization. Specific attention will be given to the factors that need to be taken into consideration for those involved in the change process.

  • MGMT-5643 Organizational Development and Design

    This course will investigate the emerging field of organizational development-major theories and basic concepts on the nature of work. Discussion will focus on forces impacting individual, group, and system performance and productivity within complex socio-technical systems.

  • MGMT-5653 Strategic Management and Change

    This is the MBA capstone course. As such, it should be the last course taken in the curriculum. The importance of integrating management functions and decision making will be emphasized. A case study approach is used.

  • MGMT-5663 Human Resource Management

    The course provides students wit the basic principles and techniques of human resource management. The course takes a practical view that integrates the contributions of the behavioral sciences with technical aspects of implementing the HR function in today's business environment. the class will cover the scope and content of the personnel function performed by the organizations's HR department.

  • MGMT-5673 Non-Profit Organization Management

    This course will examine the many facets of nonprofit leadership and management of nonprofit organizations. Similarities and differences between nonprofit and for-profit will be explored. The course will place special emphasis on the importance of using appropriate business practices in managing a nonprofit organization. Topics of social entrepreneurship and volunteer management are included in this course.