• MEDT-4117 Clinical Microbiology

    The theory and laboratory study of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, rickettsiae, fungi and parasites. Isolation, identification, antimicrobials susceptibility testing and medical significance.

  • MEDT-4125 Clinical Chemistry I

    The theory and laboratory methodology of analytical biochemistry, clinical microscopy, routine, and special procedures and medical significance.

  • MEDT-4236 Clinical Hematology

    Systematized study of disease, cell maturation and function, principles of hemostasis, methodology used in routine and special hematology studies and correlation of hematological findings with physiological conditions.

  • MEDT-4246 Clinical Immunology

    The theory of immunologic responses and procedures used in serological determinations; the study of immunohematology, fundamentals of antigen-antibody reactions, blood groups and types, compatibility testing, blood components, and the laboratory methods used as they relate to the medical significance of immunohematology; immunology and infectious diseases.

  • MEDT-4325 Clinical Chemistry II

    The theory and laboratory methodology of analytical biochemistry, instrumentation, laboratory mathematics, routine and special procedures, and medical significance.

  • MEDT-4351 Topics in Medical Technology

    Principles and practices of the medical laboratory including basic management, quality assurances, special education methodology, computer applications, laboratory safety, and special projects in selected areas.