• INFO-3113 Principles of Electronic Business

    A comprehensive study of the organizational needs for information and the conceptual, technological, and practical foundations of information systems in order to build an understanding of the value of information systems for business operations, management decision making, and strategic advantage. An introduction to the concepts of electronic business as facilitated by the Internet, World Wide Web, and related technologies. The topics covered include an understanding of the catalysts for e-business (business-to-business and business-to-customer), convergence of technologies and capabilities, technological challenges, Web design, behavior and educational challenges, organizational and business barriers, and strategies for e-business. This course is normally offered every semester.

  • INFO-3613 Management Information Systems

    A study of the conceptual and practical foundations of information processing support for management decision making and control functions. This course is normally offered in the fall semester.

  • INFO-4900 Independent Study in Information Systems

    Assigned readings, reports, research projects, and system development projects based on the needs of the student. A maximum of 3 hours may be counted toward the major. This course is normally offered as needed.

  • INFO-5303 Information Technology and the Future

    The course focuses on the preferred tools and techniques for collecting and evaluating information in an organization. Emphasis is placed on e-business and the future.

  • INFO-5313 eCommerce Technologies

    This course addresses the various technologies and business applications associated with e-commerce. Topics include intranet and extranet design and security, intranet and extranet business applications, architecture, software tools, the use of secure socket layering (SSL) and transaction processing via secure servers.

  • INFO-5323 eCommerce Design and Development

    This course looks at the processes necessary to integrate a web site into the strategic plan of an organization. The course revolves around the strategic application of the web site to enhance corporate profit, serve customers, and market the organization. It ends with the maintenance and continual improvement of the web site, including registering with search engines and directories.

  • INFO-5333 eCommerce Marketing and Management

    This course presents the concept of mass-customization. The course is presented from the perspective of the e-commerce customer and examines the basic principles of marketing used to create a customer. It then focuses on the marketing mix necessary to keep the customer. Topics include one-to-one marketing, the virtual value chain, successes and failures of online marketers, and online surveys of web sites. The course then shifts to the concepts of managing an e-commerce business.