• GMIN-5003 Ministry in Cities & Small Towns

    This course examines diverse aspects of the task of ministry within an increasingly urbanized world, both within the United States and abroad. Ministers face widely varying opportunities and demands, depending whether they are serving in a large city, a suburban situation, or a small town. Course readings, writing assignments, and field work will provide orientation as to how to research one's environment for ministry and devise appropriate strategies for enhancing the church's impact upon the surrounding community for the cause of Christ. Replaces BIBL-5133.

  • GMIN-5013 Christian Spiritual Formation

    This course examines and explores the biblical, theological, historical, and practical applications of Christian spirituality. The presentation of this course intends to challenge and encourage students toward holiness and spiritual maturity. The content of the course promotes critical thinking, theological reflection, and contemplative thought. The format of the course requires individual as well as group activity in worship and in the practice of certain spiritual disciplines.

  • GMIN-5023 Congregational Leadership

    This course will establish a biblical and theological framework for understanding congregational leadership, help students develop an awareness of their own leadership style and gifts, and develop practical skills for the exercise of leadership in the local church.

  • GMIN-5033 Small Group Ministries

    In this course the successful student will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the theological foundations and essential characteristics that should form a guide small group ministries. They will also show an in-depth understanding of the practical strategies for implementation, organization, leadership, training, curriculum, and birthing processes of small groups.

  • GMIN-5043 Adult Learning

    This course will help the student gain an overall understanding of the field of adult learning and education with a special emphasis on the context of religious education. The student will also be exposed to a variety of instructional methodologies as well as competencies expected of an adult educator.

  • GMIN-5053 Teaching the Bible

    This course teaches students two things necessary to teach the Bible effectively. First, students will learn how to use the basic principles of exegeting Scripture in order to determine what a biblical author originally intended to communicate to his audience. Second, students will learn how to prepare biblical lesson plans to teach to different learning styles so that the lesson will be both exegetically sound and effectively engage student learning.

  • GMIN-5143 Non-Christian Religions

    This course will examine several non-Christian religions in our culture that have either been attracting large numbers of followers in recent decades, such as Islam, Buddhism, and the New Age Movement, or otherwise have been exerting an influence in the culture itself through such avenues as alternative medicine and martial arts. Prominent doctrines and practices will be analyzed in terms of Christian discipleship, apologetics and evangelism. Same as THEO-5143. Formerly BIBL-5143.

  • GMIN-5153 Philosophical Theology

    This course is designed to give students a solid introduction to current scholarly issues concerning the evidence for the existence of God and the rationality of Christian faith. The core of the course will be an examination of a superb presentation of the case for atheism and two uniquely powerful but very different cases in defense of Christian belief. The majority of classroom time will be spent in Socratic discussion of the assigned texts. Same as THEO-5153. Formerly BIBL-5153.

  • GMIN-5363 Sem Sel O.T. Passages

    This course deals with the exegesis of texts in the Old Testament. The selected texts may vary. Consequently, this course may be repeated as the content varies.

  • GMIN-5513 Congregational Development and Administration

    This course gives special attention to the minister's crucial role in church development in such areas as planning, organizing, motivating, leading, staffing, and nurturing volunteers. It also provides the overall introduction to the role of ministers and their work. The successful student will learn and demonstrate skills in preparing a strategic plan for a specific ministry. Formerly BIBL-5513.

  • GMIN-5523 Biblical & Contemporary Evangelism

    Since evangelism is a vital part of ministry, this course will equip the student both to do evangelistic work in the local community and to provide information for organizing the local congregation to carry on such work. Formerly BIBL-5523, Evangelism.

  • GMIN-5533 Preaching & Communicating Scripture

    This course provides study of and practice in making sermons biblical, interesting, practical, and significant. Students will do readings, have class lecture and discussion, prepare papers, analyze the preaching of others, and deliver three sermons in class to be videotaped and critiqued. Formerly BIBL-5533, Advanced Homiletics.

  • GMIN-5563 Directed Research

    This course provides students an opportunity to research and study important issues related to family life ministry, youth ministry, or general ministry. Offered as an independent study with permission of the student's advisor. Formerly BIBL-5563 and 5863.

  • GMIN-5743 Counseling for Ministers

    This course is designed to acquaint the student with many major issues of family life confronted on a regular basis by church leaders. Appropriate theories, models and responses will be discussed. The course will explore the impact of family issues on the larger church family. This is a survey course intended to give an overview of many areas of discussion. Formerly BIBL-5743.

  • GMIN-5833 Managing Conflict, Transition, and Change

    This course is designed to give students an introduction to the nature of conflict in marital, family and church family systems along with an understanding of their own conflict management techniques. The process of transition and change management will be explored as natural opportunities for both growth and conflict. Specific application will be made to the work of the family life minister. Formerly BIBL-5833 and 5753.

  • GMIN-5843 Preaching From the Book of Revelation

    The content of this course varies depending on the interests of the students and professor. Past special topics have included urban ministry, church growth and health, contemporary religious issues, and small groups. This course may be repeated as the content varies. Formerly BIBL-5843.

  • GMIN-5911 Ministry Colloquy

    Field education is designed to provide the student with a hands-on learning experience in a church or other ministry setting. The ministry colloquy provides an opportunity to discuss and share lessons learned in ministry, how lessons learned elsewhere in the program may be applied, and how to develop individual applications consistent with individually focused learning goals. M.Div. students only.

  • GMIN-5913 Field Education

    Field education is designed to provide the student with a hands-on learning experience in a church or other ministry setting. This course is not simply a job, but a supervised on-the-job learning experience that stresses the application of lessons learned elsewhere in the program and the development of individually focused learning goals. -Note: M.A. students with fewer than 5 years of full- time ministry experience upon admission to the MA program must take either GMIN-5913 and GMIN-5923 or GMIN-5916 to meet the requirement for six hours of field education. M.A. students with 5 or more years of full time ministry experience take GMIN-5913 to meet the requirement for three hours of field education.-