• FMIN-5103 Family Life Ministry

    This course examines the design, development and delivery of a comprehensive ministry to families in the context of the local congregation. Attention will be given to the biblical basis for family ministry, barriers, and programming ideas. Students will learn to develop a ministry to families in the church and local community. Formerly BIBL-5103.

  • FMIN-5303 Application Family Life Ministry

    This course addresses the practical implementation of a comprehensive preventative and therapeutic family life ministry. Students will explore methods, programs and the unique role of the family life minister. Congregational analysis from a systems perspective will be discussed. Case studies will be used. Formerly BIBL-5303.

  • FMIN-5403 Teachings in Family Relations

    This course will integrate the fields of theology, adult education, and marriage and family as the foundations for Christian family life education. The course will examine the adult learner in the context of the family along with practical strategies for teaching. Students will explore methods such as case study, role play, lecture, and drama. Formerly BIBL-5403 and 5443; formerly titled Family Life Education.

  • FMIN-5503 Marriage & Family Dynamics

    This course focuses on the unique interactions within the family structure and how those dynamics change with the inclusion and loss of members, life events, stresses and other circumstances. Formerly BIBL-5503.

  • FMIN-5543 Marriage & Family Therapy

    This course studies the therapeutic process of diagnosing and treating marriages and families within the framework of Christian values. Students will learn how to utilize the principles and techniques of current therapies such as Strategic, Structural, and Bowen. Formerly BIBL-5543.

  • FMIN-5913 Ministerial Field Education

    Field education is designed to provide the student with a hands-on learning experience in a church or other ministry setting. This course is not simply a job, but a supervised on-the-job learning experience that stresses the application of lessons learned elsewhere in the program and the development of individually focused learning goals. -Note: M.A. students with fewer than 5 years of full- time ministry experience upon admission to the MA program must take either FMIN-5913 and FMIN-5923, or FMIN-5916 to meet the requirement for six hours of field education. M.A. students with 5 or more years of full time ministry experience take FMIN-5913 to meet the requirement for three hours of field education.-