• ELEM-3023 Emergent Literacy

    This course is a study of the emerging process of language development from infancy through the primary years. The candidate will observe and document a child-s development through all four age categories, infant, toddler, preschooler, and primary-aged (eight practicum hours). The candidate will demonstrate understanding of and respect for the socio-cultural diversity of literacy development as well as the interrelationships of culture, language, thought and the function of the home language. Additionally, the candidate will study children-s literature to develop an understanding that literature forms a central focus for language and literacy development. The candidate will apply various methods of using literature with children to the home and classroom settings including reading aloud to a child once per week for 14 weeks (eight practicum hours). (Students whose programs do not require admission to teacher education buy require this course will receive credit for Chdv 3013 which cannot be applied to licensure requirements.) Same as ECED-3023 and CHDV-3023. This course is normally offered every fall semester.