Campus closed Wednesday; classes/activities cancelled

Due to the weather forecast, OC's campus will be closed Wednesday. All classes and activities are cancelled. Students, faculty, and staff - check your email for more info.


  • ECON-2113 Macroeconomic Principles

    A study of the economic system as a whole, dealing with price levels, employment, the level of total production of goods and services and growth. The course includes study of the free enterprise system and of government monetary and fiscal policy. This course is normally offered every semester.

  • ECON-2213 Microeconomic Principles

    A study of specific economic units within a free enterprise economy such as individual consumers, businesses, or industries. The pricing and output of goods and services and the pricing and employment of labor and capital are studied. This course is normally offered every semester.

  • ECON-4900 Independent Study in Economics

    Guided readings or research projects arranged in consultation with advisor. This course is offered as needed.