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IMG_4644Computer Science is one of the hottest fields today! There is so much great new technology to learn about and it seems every business wants to use that new technology.

To use most of that new technology, businesses need software... and that's where Computer Scientists come in. The demand for Computer Scientists is huge. A recent survey shows that the national average for a Computer Science grad's starting salary at $70K. In fact, median salaries for Computer Scientists range from $80K to $124K per year.

OC's Computer Science program can help you learn the principles, knowledge, and skills you need to meet the high demand for Computer Scientists. We recently updated our curriculum to meet market demands, including more software engineering, internet application development, and mobile application development.

With a CS degree from OC, you will learn how to use computers to solve problems, and be in demand and equipped to use your skills for good wherever God leads you.