OC Theater

Beauty and the Beast photo

OC Theater offers student majors, minors and enthusiasts the chance to perform and produce in a full-scale arts facility in several state-of-the-art venues. Each year, our students produce no less than five productions for our campus and surrounding community. More important than these opportunities, however, is our artistic commitment to faith-based learning and exploration. Here, theater means more than a set of isolated skills and techniques. OC Theater sees performance as a way to understand the reality of God and actively explore questions of faith.

  • OC Theater provides pragmatic and stimulating curricula for its Bachelor of Science in Theater Performance or Arts Organization in addition to Minor Programs in Dramaturgy, Drama Ministry and Theater. New classes allow students to choose between a myriad of courses to complete their degree.
  • Our major programs include several courses specifically tailored to faith-based performance, teaching students how to integrate their belief into theatrical practice.
  • Our program hosts an annual 10-minute playwriting competition, showcasing new student works for our campus community.
  • OC has received generous grants from the AD ASTRA foundation to support our diverse theatrical projects. The award has facilitated ambitious productions and reflects the overall quality of our endeavors.
  • Our faculty participate in nationally-recognized conferences, journals and other scholarly projects, making OC Theater a space for practical and theoretical understanding of theatre arts.