College of Natural and Health Sciences

College of Natural and Health Sciences

Welcome to the College of Natural and Health Sciences!  A new beginning for Oklahoma Christian but founded on a rich history of educating students in the sciences and integrating it into our legacy of Christian faith.

New beginnings may foster trepidation and caution or they may energize and foster a sense of excitement. For me it is the latter.  I am enthusiastic about the future of the natural and health sciences and encourage you to participate in our journey. 

I regularly talk about our college using the phrase:

Extraordinary Science, Boundless Opportunities. Extraordinary in the sense that we offer science education that is beyond the usual, something that is highly exceptional and remarkable. Boundless because our graduates have demonstrated time and time again that the opportunities are limitless.

Join us on our journey. Help us advance the extraordinary and dream about the boundless opportunities.

Jeff McCormack, Ph.D.
Dean and Lawson Chair of Microbiology and Immunology

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