Alumni Letter Writing

We are asking our Alumni to write letters to prospective students. Currently, our prospects are receiving letters from administrators and faculty from OC. These are important, yet they are coming straight from OC. Imagine the impact of a prospective student receiving a letter from a graduate who is in industry and can comment on the education received. 

Doing this is easy and worthwhile. Here's what you should do:

1. Get permission from your company

Let your company know what you are doing, make sure you get permission to use company letterhead.

2. Contact Dr. Bigelow (ECEs) or Dr. Cassel (MEs)

Let us know you want to do this. We'll give you the names and addresses of prospects to write. We will help in any other way you want as well. 

  • Jeff Bigelow, Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, (405) 425-5448
  • Wayne Whaley, Chair, Mechanical Engineering, (405) 425- 5424
  • Don Leftwich, Chair, Mathematical, Computer, and Information Sciences, (405) 425-5413

3. Compose a one-page letter

In paragraph one, introduce yourself and state that you graduated from Oklahoma Christian with a degree in ________. Tell the prospect your current company and position. In high school language, tell them what you do. 

In paragraph two, tell the prospect how OC prepared you for your engineering career. Naturally, you will be trying to convince the prospect that OC is a great choice. 

In paragraph three, talk about the environment at OC. (For example, mention the personal attention, the Christian aspect of the school, etc.)

4. Sign and Send the Letters!