Alumni Congregation Contact

We are asking our Alumni to serve as OC Engineering's contact at their local congregation. Our biggest pool of prospective students remain those who desire an Engineering Education in a Christian Environment. Thus your role as a contact at your congregation can become extremely important.

Here's some of the things you could do:

1. Contact one of us

Let us know you want to do this. We want to keep in contact with you regarding any prospective students. 

  • Jeff Bigelow, Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, (405) 425-5448
  • Wayne Whaley, Chair, Mechanical Engineering, (405) 425- 5424
  • Don Leftwich, Chair, Mathematical, Computer, and Information Sciences, (405) 425-5413

2. Work with your Youth Minister

Let your youth minister know about OC Engineering. Offer to talk to the high school students about OC and about Engineering. 

3. Post information on the congregational bulletin board

If you want a flyer to put up, let us know.

4. Other Ideas?

Let us know is you have any other ideas. We want to support your efforts. Thanks.