Business Advisory Council

OC’s Business Advisory Council (BAC) assists College of Business Administration faculty and staff as they prepare students for careers in the global business community.

BAC members work closely with the dean to help bring relevance to the curriculum and the classroom and to champion the College of Business Administration to prospective donors and students, to business colleagues, and to the community.

Major BAC activities include assisting students with internships and job placements, serving as visiting lecturers, curriculum development, and fundraising. In sum, BAC members enhance the relationship between the College of Business Administration and the business community.

Jimmy Arter '98

MidFirst Bank

Edmond, OK

James Billingsley '82

Southwest Financial Group

Oklahoma City, OK

Jeff Bonney '77

RKI Exploration & Production LLC

Edmond, OK

Chris Caldwell '97

Christopher M. Caldwell, CPA, PLLC 

Edmond, OK

Nancee Caldwell

American Fidelity Assurance 

Edmond, OK

Mike Carroll '75

Heritage Trust

Edmond, OK

Jim Carter

AT & T (Retired)

Grapevine, TX

Roy Cowan '83

MidFirst Bank

Edmond, OK

Mike Crandall '10

Sandler Training of Oklahoma

Edmond, OK

Joel Forhan '90

Publicis Touchpoint Solutions, Inc

Edmond, OK

Janice Guymer '83

Devon Energy

Edmond, OK

Joel Harmon '82

Crowe & Dunlevy

Edmond, OK

Robert Harmon '64

Paragon Production Co

Edmond, OK

Max Pope '71

Southwestern Roofing & Metal

Edmond, OK

Greg Schaefer '97 

MidFirst Bank

Edmond, OK

David Seat '73


Edmond, OK

Jana Ward

Devon Energy (Retired)

Edmond, OK

Ron Wilson '81 

Love Envelopes

Jenks, OK

Lon Winton '69

Sandridge Energy (Retired)

Luther, OK