Science Hall of Honor

JimBaxterJim Baxter, Ph.D

Professor of Chemistry


Dr. Jim Baxter taught a few thousand  students  in General Chemistry over a period of three-and-a-half decades at Oklahoma Christian University. Dr. Baxter succeeded Dr. Keck as chair of the "Science Division" and was instrumental in planning OC's engineering program in the early 80s. He envisioned the remodel of Vose Science Hall years before it became a reality, and his sketches became the basis for the architect's plans. Highly respected by the entire OC faculty, Dr. Baxter led a major revision of the university's general education program in the mid-90s.



Don DunnDon Dunn, Ph.D

Professor of Biology


Dr. Don Dunn was OC's "star professor" during the decade of the 70s. Students fought to get into his courses and worked to achieve recognition in his classes in the hopes of a swift entry into medical school. Dr. Dunn's research earned him accolades both on our campus and among his peers. He was known for his energy, high expectations, and love for microbiology. Dr. Dunn was internationally renowned for his work in infectious diseases and was a sought-after scientist. Dr. Dunn was known as a hard, but caring, professor - one who expected nothing less than the best from his students.



Mike FowlerMike Fowler, Ph.D

Professor of Biology


Dr. Mike Fowler taught at Oklahoma Christian University for approximately 25 years, teaching a wide spectrum of classes with finesse and enthusiasm. During this time, he served as dean of OC's College of Science and Engineering and taught Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, and Physiology classes. Dr. Fowler maintained contacts and research projects at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and various hospitals in the metro area, and served as pre-med advisor during his tenure at OC. His work in clinical laboratory medicine with a specialization in toxicology was nationally recognized.



Kim Gaither

Kim Gaither, Ph.D

Professor of Biology

Dr. Kim Gaither graduated from Oklahoma Christian and then went to graduate school at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. After returning to OC, she taught Microbiology and many other courses. Dr. Gaither was a great encourager who praised, mentored, and pushed students to achieve more than they could imagine. She envisioned the Science Seminar series as a way to build a learning community and to prepare students for whatever might await them in graduate or professional school. She structured the general education Biology classes to have integrated labs and small sizes to maximize learning for students who were not science majors. Whether formally as chair, or informally in her role as professor, Dr. Gaither was a leader of all.



Mike GipsonMike Gipson, Ph.D

Professor of Biology


Dr. Mike Gipson served as advisor to Science Education students for many years, convincing several that they should become physicians rather than teachers. A product of Oklahoma Christian University, Mike provided extraordinary Field Biology experiences, including the Ornithology class. Mike was known to engage in discussions across campus on a wide range of topics, including biology, theology, sports, and politics. He always seemed to maintain contact with alumni long after graduation in order to know about their families, their jobs, and their lives in general.



Molly Hill

 Molly Hill, Ph.D

Professor of Biology


Dr. Molly Hill was already a recognized educator when she returned to her alma mater to teach biology. Her passion was research, and she encouraged - almost  demanded - that her students likewise have the same kind of passion for science. Under her guidance, Senior Science Seminar became a rite of passage, where lumps of coal were transformed into diamonds. She took students to the Oklahoma Academy of Science to make presentations and helped numerous OC students participate in Summer Undergraduate Research Programs (SURE) at various placed around the country. Her best students went to Washington, D.C., to present at the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)



Ben Hutchinson

Ben Hutchinson, Ph.D

Professor of Chemistry


Dr. Ben Hutchinson came to Oklahoma Christian University from Pepperdine University and promptly began to move the chemistry program toward becoming more mature and diverse. Ben made significant improvements in the chemistry program and our teaching of it and served as dean of the College of Science and Engineering. Dr. Hutchinson was a leader in service-learning projects, especially Habitat for Humanity builds, and brought students into his research projects as undergraduates, encouraging several to go to graduate school in chemistry.




Darvin KeckDarvin Keck, Ph.D

Professor of Biology


Dr. Darvin Keck was the first long-term faculty member in the science area at Oklahoma Christian. His service covered most of the first four decades of OC's existence, and he led the "Science Division" for many of those years. He was responsible for hiring many of the key faculty members who would establish the university's reputation for excellence in science, and especially in the areas of pre-professional medicine and dentistry. His teaching specialty was Botany, but he was comfortable with any of the Field Biology areas.




Kris MillerKris Miller, Ph.D

Professor of Biology


Dr. Kris Miller served his alma mater in a variety of ways, but most importantly as a Professor of Biochemistry for 20 years. Admired by his students and respected by his peers, Dr. Miller taught with passion, expecting that his students would be "cognitively engaged" at all times. His classes in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Gross Anatomy prepared a generation of OC students for successful careers in medicine, dentistry and various other health-related fields. His research at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center advanced the frontiers of medical science throughout his teaching career. He leaves a legacy of excellence and passion for science.



Roland SchultzRoland Schultz, Ph.D

Professor of Chemistry


Dr. Roland Schultz teamed with Dr. Jim Baxter to be the Chemistry Department of Oklahoma Christian University. Known for his ever-present mug of Diet Pepsi, Dr. Schultz taught Organic Chemistry and Analytic Chemistry to two generations of students. The many students who worked in the Water Quality Lab and in the program of sampling for  the  Oklahoma  Department  of Environmental  Quality were  exposed to great opportunities for understanding the use of chemistry in the "real world." Dr. Schultz also pioneered the use of computers in our labs and showed us how to use word processors and spreadsheets in our teaching.