Oklahoma Academy of Sciences: Presentations by OC Students

Table 2. Oklahoma Academy of Sciences: Presentations By OC Students

Xuan Wang 2010 Biomedical Sciences** The Effects of a Series of Ketone Compounds on Hepatic Carboxylesterase Activity in Mice
Clayton Love 2010 Environmental Sciences & Planning Comparison of Dilution Media's Enumeration Efficacy and Percent Recovery for Heterotrophic Bacteria in Natural Waters
N. Conley 2010 Biomedical Sciences** Analysis of SNP Mutant Variants on Exon4 Splicing and G6PC2 Production
Jason Hou 2010 Environmental Sciences & Planning The Overview Study of Enterobacteriaceae Isolation of Grasshopper
Sara Gower 2010 Biochemistry & Biophysics An Examination of School-Based Nutrition Program in the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity
Thea Murray 2010 Microbiology The Development of an Instrument to Assess Patients' Attitudes Regarding Health Information Exchange
Evangeline Rukundo 2009 Social Sciences The Effect of Silver Dihydrogen Citrate on Liver Microsomal Carboxylesterase Activity in Guinea Pigs
Clayton Love, Alex McCumber 2009 Social Sciences Development of Water Quality Testing Techniques for Use in Remote Areas
Alex McCumber, Clayton Love 2009 Biomedical Sciences Efficacy of Slow Sand Filtration in the Removal of Escherichia coli from Natural Waters
Rany B. Patterson 2008 Environmental Sciences & Planning Development of RNA Interference as an Experimental Protocol to Induce Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress in Cultured Neurons
C. B. Giles 2008 Environmental Sciences & Planning Text Mining: Exploiting Natural Language Resources from MEDLINE
P.E. Blower 2008 Biomedical Sciences Exploration of Chemical MicroRNA Regulators in Cancer Lines
Sarah Manley 2007 Biomedical Sciences Pre-Clinical Evaluation of Silver Dihydrogen Citrate Through the Ames and Micronucleus Tests
L. L. Addington 2007 Biomedical Sciences Levels of Phosphorylated CaMKII in the Rat Hippocampus Following Traumatic Brain Injury
Crystal Stone 2007 Biomedical Sciences* Silver Dihydrogen Citrate: Maximum Tolerated Dose and Silver Analysis in Mice
Corey Giles 2007 Biomedical Sciences***** Directional Relation Extraction from Biomedical Text
Sarah Manley 2006 Biomedical Sciences Mutagenic Testing of Silver Dihydrogen CitrateThrough Microbial and Murine Models
E. A. Shinnerer 2006 Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Targeted Disruption of Tpst1 or Tpst2 Genes Causes an Increase in Leukocyte Levels
Ann Evans 2006 Biomedical Sciences Flow Cytometry Analysis of Myeloid Populations Associated with a Model of Chronic Inflammation-Induced Osteopenia
Meagan Johnson 2006 Biomedical Sciences LPS-Mediated Chronic Inflammation Increases Circulating RANKL Coincident with Bone Loss in C57BL/6 Mice
Lacey J. Adams 2006 Biomedical Sciences Purification of Rab7 Antibody from Rabbit Serum
Tara McComas 2006 Biochemistry & Biophysics Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Mitochondria of Skeletal and Cardiac Muscles
Lindsey J. Long 2006 Biochemistry & Biophysics The Role of Bcl-2 in the Inhibition of Apoptosis during Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress
Eric Hinds 2006 Physical Sciences Synthesis and Characterization of Co2+-doped Cd1-xZnxSe Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Callie J. Thomas 2006 Physical Sciences Silver Dihydrogen Citrate: Determination of Analytical Methodologies and Chemical Stability
Chelsee Truesdell 2004 Microbiology Comparison of the Response of Wild-Type vs. PPARa-Deficient Mice Subjected to Cecal Ligation and Puncture
Stephen Mikus 2004 Biochemistry & Biophysics Microfibroblasts in Granulation Tissue of Smooth Muscle-Actin Null Mice Express the Smooth Muscle-Actin Promoter
Alyson Klein 2004 Microbiology The Genes Involved in Biofilm Formation
Stephanie Keown 2004 Physical Sciences Predicting Biologically Important Properties Using Solubility and the Abraham General Solvation Model
Dustin Hyatt 2004 Biochemistry & Biophysics***** EGFR Signaling to STAT3, but not MAPK, Requires Ligand-Mediated Endocytosis
Shannon Brazeal 2004 Microscopy The Role of Tyrosine Sulfation in Extracellular Matrix Organization
Dan Branch 2004 Biochemistry & Biophysics The Role of Pro-Apoptotic Bcl-2 Associated Death Promoter Protein (Bad) Fused with Transforming Growth Factor alpha (TGF-a) in Inducing Cell Death in High Grade Astrocytomas
Kristen Bowles 2004 Biochemistry & Biophysics The Circadian Variation in Melatonin Receptors
Andrew Barker 2004 Biomedical Sciences** Effects of C1-C2 Spinal Stimulation on Cardiovascular Responses to Respiratory Irritants
Alicia Haught 2003 Biomedical Sciences** Effects of cardiovascular deconditioning on the neurohumoral response to blood loss
Kale Dittmeyer 2003 Biomedical Sciences Effect of stereotaxic delivery of corticosterone to the amygdala on visceral and somatic perception
Tamara Vesely 2003 Biochemistry & Biophysics The regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in vascular smooth muscle cells
Becca Brown 2003 Biochemistry & Biophysics** Mammary gland function is dependent on the expression of smooth muscle alpha actin
Heather Duncan 2003 Microbiology Cecal ligation and puncture model in wild type vs. PPAR-deficient mice
Justin Kamplain 2003 Physical Sciences Synthesis and characterization of a novel water soluble phosphine: 3,7-diacetyl-1,3,7-triaza-5-phosphabicyclononane (DAPTA)
Daniel Harris 2003 Physical Sciences Titanium dioxide as a photocatalyst
Jared Kennedy 2003 Physical Sciences The production of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide
Matt Meredith 2003 Physical Sciences Synthesis, fabrication, characterization and applications of polymer thin films and materials
Andrew Barker 2003 Biological Sciences**** Post-deafferentation changes in the olfactory nerve layer of zebrafish
Justin Kamplain 2002 Physical Sciences**
(Poster session)
Applications of Capillary Electrophoresis in Undergraduate Chemistry Classes
Justin Kamplain 2002 Physical Sciences**
(Poster session)
Regioselective Synthesis of Indoles
Courtney Vidacovich 2002 Fish and Wildlife Conservation** Spatiotemporal changes in the fishes of Crutcho Creek over a 15-year period
Trent Tadlock 2002 Biochemistry The effect of light on tyrosine phosphorylation in bovine rod outer segments
Amy Smith 2002 Biochemistry** Does Bright regulate human immunoglobulin transcription?
Chris Newey 2002 Biomedical Sciences** A study to determine whether spinal cord stimulation changes enteric nervous system activity in the rat colon
Alicia Haught 2002 Biomedical Sciences Neurohumoral changes after cardiovascular deconditioning
Kale Dittmeyer 2002 Biomedical Sciences** Effect of stereotaxic implantation of corticosterone onto the amygdala on visceral and somatic pain
Courtney Vidacovich 2001 Fish and Wildlife Conservation** Still discovering the fishes of Oklahoma
Darin Corman 2001 Physical Sciences Gate insulators for MBE grown InSb quantum wells
Jonathan Hunt 2001 Science Education Introducing analytical chemistry techniques in general chemistry: A solar energy project laboratory
Ivey Thornton 2001 Biomedical Sciences** Mechanism of endocytosis
Jared Johnson 2001 Biomedical Sciences Effect of troglitazone treatment on nitric oxide during endotoxemia in mice
Amanda Nichols 2001 Physical Sciences Single molecule spectroscopy of dyes encapsulated inside sol-gel films
Courtney Copeland 2001 Microbiology Regulation of phagocytosis of Escherichia coli in the Biomphalaria glabrata embryonic (Bge) cell line
Courtney Copeland 2000 Biomedical Sciences** Genomic targeting using recombinant activated cell fluorescence
Mike Maline 2000 Microbiology Construction of plasmid based genomic library from Disulfovibrio desulfuricans
Scott Collins 2000 Physical Sciences Synthesis of copper complexes that mimic the structure of the copper Z site of nitrous oxide reductase
Chris Newey 2000 Biochemistry DNA cleavage by coordination compounds
David Johnson 2000 Microbiology Induction of toxin production in pathogenic bacterium Enterococcus faecalis
Adam Hoffhines 2000 Microbiology* Time-course of fenofibrate treatment on endotoxemia in mice
Brian Franklin 2000 Biomedical Sciences Seizure activity: implications of kindling in female rats
Bo Novosad 2000 Microscopy Effect of endotoxin challenge on PPAR expression in troglitazone-treated mice
Amanda Davenport 2000 Biochemistry** Dual activation of human platelets generates strongly procoagulated products
Brad Russell 1999 Biomedical Sciences Identification of retinal neurons in primary cell culture
Karissa Windell 1999 Biomedical Sciences Binding of a fluorescent inhibitor to the active site of coagulation factor VIIa
Jeanie Jacks 1999 Biochemistry** Human umbilical cord blood derived megakaryocytes respond to IL-6 by producing platelets with enhanced physiological functions
Karen Reynolds 1999 Microbiology** Protective effect of troglitazone during endotoxemia in mice
Karen Reynolds 1998 Microbiology** Effect of PPAR activators on TNF expression in mice during endotoxemia
Brandi (Hoebing) Thornhill 1998 Natural Sciences
OU Research Day
Regulation of cytokine expression during endotoxemia by peroxisome proliferator activated receptors
Bo Novosad 1998 Biomedical Sciences PPAR ligands in a breast cancer model
Eric Phelps 1998 Biomedical Sciences***** Matrix metalloproteinase involvement in endothelial cell morphogenesis
Kerry Rodgers 1997 Microbiology** Regulation of murine TNF expression by peroxisome proliferator activated receptors

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