Biblical Studies

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Majors and non-majors alike learn from experienced ministers and professors with degrees from Oxford, Princeton, Stanford, Baylor, Brown, Wheaton, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, to name a few. In addition to biblical scholarship, OC students have hands-on ministry opportunities through a vocational ministry second major and through mission campaigns.

OC offers M.A. and M.Div. programs through the College of Biblical Studies, providing students with opportunities to further their education on the graduate level. Through the website, OC’s Biblical Studies faculty offer fully-developed lessons that equip teachers with important topics for high school and adult classes.

Interesting Classes I Might Take

  • Adolescent Spirituality, Morality and Culture
  • Christian Family
  • Evidences of Christianity
  • Missions in the Contemporary World
  • Spiritual Development of Children
  • Teaching the Bible
  • All Courses

What I Can Do With My Degree

Graduates of OC’s College of Biblical Studies go on to pursue rewarding careers as ministers, missionaries, children’s ministers, youth ministers, teachers, university professors, and more.



Mission Statement

The College of Biblical Studies seeks to prepare students for an active life of faith and ministry through increasing their knowledge, critical evaluation, and internalization of God's Word and its expressions in one’s life.

The Bible and Bible-related subjects occupy a central place in the University curriculum. A complete education includes a study of spiritual matters. Because the Bible reveals God to humankind, it is the book which sets forth the framework of how human beings live in relation to others.

Through the courses of the College of Biblical Studies and through various other activities, the University seeks to develop in the individual a desire for truth and to guide him or her in the path which leads to a discovery of truth. It seeks to develop in the student a strong commitment to Jesus Christ and through such commitment prepare him or her for service in the home, church, and community life.

Bible courses present the Bible as the inspired word of God. Related courses are offered which deal with introductory background materials in order that the message of the Bible may be better understood. Biblical Greek and Hebrew are taught so that those who so desire may study the Old and New Testaments in the language in which they were first written.

Courses dealing with the practical side of Christianity are offered so the student may be prepared to translate theory into practice in the home, in the church, and in society.


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