B.S. Degree in Computer Science with Gaming and Animation


An OC graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with Gaming and Animation will:

1. Recognize the ethical and appropriate use of technology, and apply the theories and principles of Computer Science to effectively solve problems in a timely and cost-effective manner.
2. Exhibit the ability to adapt to new environments, apply research methodologies, and to learn independently.
3. Work effectively in a team environment, including the ability to describe complex ideas and logical arguments in a clear, concise manner using both written and oral communication.
4. Demonstrate understanding of the game development process, including asset creation and modeling, game design, animation, and software development using at least one contemporary game engine application programming interface.
5.Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the liberal arts, and an ability to think, act, and communicate from a Christian worldview in all areas of life.

Student must complete a minimum of 126 hours including the major, core, and minor if required. Elective hours may be needed to reach 126 hours. 

1. 24 hours lower division courses

4. 15 hours gaming and animation

5. 27 hours computer science chosen from

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