B.A. Degree in Spanish


The Spanish major must meet all general requirements for the B.A. degree. The major consists of 30 hours of Spanish beyond Basic Spanish I and II.

An OC graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish will:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in the Spanish language to participate in fluid conversations with native speakers of Spanish, read and understand prose and poetry in the target language, and write research papers and essays in Spanish. 
  2. Have an awareness and appreciation of the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries including the customs, religion and general way of life of their own country as it compares with that of Spanish speaking countries and important Hispanic authors, movements and historical events. 
  3. Have familiarity with the structure of the Spanish language, including the grammar of their native language as it compares with that of Spanish, and have the ability to use all verb tenses in Spanish interchangeably. 
  4. Engage in and articulate a personal integration of faith and learning. 
Student must complete a minimum of 126 hours including the major, core, and minor if required. Elective hours may be needed to reach 126 hours.  

30 hours, minor required plus 6 hours of same foreign language  

1. 9 hours literature 

  • SPAN-3213 - Spanish Literary Readings
  • SPAN-4113 - Studies in Spanish Literature
  • SPAN-4213 - Studies in Latin American Literature

2. 3 hours advanced grammar and conversation 

3. 3 hours Hispanic civilization 

  • SPAN-3223 - Hispanic Civilization

4. 9 hours Spanish electives 

5. 3 hours Spanish Immersion Lab 

  • SPAN-4711 - Spanish Immersion Lab (This course must be taken three times)

6. 3 hours Senior Seminar 

  • SPAN-4623 - Senior Seminar for Spanish

Successful completion of Senior Capstone meets the requirements for all strands of language and Literature majors. 

7. 6 hours foreign language

Take 6 hours of the same foreign language other than spanish.
A student majoring in Spanish should work with his or her advisor to select
the minor that will be most beneficial. Art, history, international studies, and communication are often beneficial to a Spanish major. 

Spanish Proficiency 

The necessary courses for Spanish proficiency include those required for the student’s preferred degree plus a minimum of 12 hours in Spanish, or the equivalent of courses up through Intermediate Spanish II. Students will
be required to participate in a university approved field experience, which will include some sort of immersion into the Spanish language, after taking a minimum of 6 hours in the language. The student must write a one page description of his or her time abroad explaining how he or she will use Spanish and have it approved by the Language and Literature Department PRIOR to departure. In addition, the student must indicate a sponsor who will verify (after the student’s return) his/her use of the Spanish language. Practicum requirements may be accomplished by taking part in a spring break or summer mission trip to a Spanish-speaking country. This proficiency is noted on the student’s transcript. 

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