B.A. Degree in Missions


The B.A. in Missions, like all other Bible-related degree programs at OC, provides an acquaintance with the biblical text and the necessary auxiliary studies to allow special preparation for mission work.

An OC graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Missions will:

  1. Learn how to communicate biblical truths effectively to people from cultural backgrounds different from their own.
  2. Become more aware of and sensitive to cultural differences than they were when they arrived on campus so that they can serve people from different cultural backgrounds effectively with a reduced likelihood of offending those people.
  3. Experience how New Testament Christianity functions in different cultural contexts through campaigns, missions internships, and, in some cases, overseas studies opportunities.
  4. Be sufficiently grounded in the Scriptures to be able to teach the word of God competently and faithfully regardless of the cultural context.
  5. Gain sufficient competence in a modern language other than English so as to be able to communicate at least at a basic level with a native speaker of that language.
  6. Learn the importance of the church in God’s plan of salvation for people of every nation, every tongue, and every tribe.
  7. Learn the importance of growing spiritually and receive instruction in how to go about pursuing spiritual growth throughout their lives.

Student must complete a minimum of 126 hours including the major, core, and minor if required. Elective hours may be needed to reach 126 hours. 

61 hours, plus 6 additional hours in biblical languages required, no minor required

1. 17 hours core courses 

  • BIBL-2512 - Personal Evangelism
  • BIBL-2713 - Introduction to Ministry
  • BIBL-3013 - Hermeneutics
  • BIBL-3203 - Biblical Exegesis
  • BIBL-3823 - Counseling for Ministers
  • BIBL-4753 - Seminar in Christian Ministry

2. 3 hours chosen from 

  • BIBL-3913 - Homiletics I: Preparation & Delivery of Religious Speeches
  • BIBL-4213 - Teaching the Bible to Adolescents

3. 3 hours chosen from 

  • BIBL-3173 - Church History to 1517
  • BIBL-3183 - Church History 1517 to Present
  • BIBL-4713 - Restoration Movement

4. 13 hours required missions courses 

  • MISS-3013 - Mission Preparation
  • MISS-3213 - Church Growth
  • MISS-3613 - Cultural Anthropology
  • MISS-4714 - Missions Practicum

5. 6 hours elective missions courses

6. 5 hours Old Testament textual courses  

7. 5 hours New Testament textual courses 

8. 9 additional hours textual Bible courses

9. 6 hours, Biblical languages    

A student must take 6 hours of Greek or 6 hours of Hebrew in addition to the above requirements for the B.A. in Missions. 

  • GREK-1113 - Elementary Greek I
  • GREK-1213 - Elementary Greek II


  • HBRW-3113 - Elementary Hebrew I
  • HBRW-3213 - Elementary Hebrew II (May also count as Old Testament textual)

Note: In addition to the 6 hours of Greek, Missions majors must fulfill the Bachelor of Arts language requirement with 6 hours of a modern foreign language.

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