B.A. Degree in Children's Ministry


This major is for those wishing to work primarily in the children’s ministry program of the church. It combines study of the biblical text with practical application courses in several disciplines. The purpose of the children’s ministry major at OC is to equip students to minister to children, parents, and families in the local church setting.

An OC graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Children’s Ministry will be able to:

  1. Plan and carry out a yearly program of activities that reinforce the core values of the Christian faith.
  2. Incorporate the written philosophy of ministry involving parents and volunteers in the children’s ministry program.
  3. Know when to refer children, parents, and families that have issues needing professional care.
  4. Teach the Bible effectively using age appropriate methods, great themes and elements that contribute to the stories.
  5. Be a leader and servant to families, the church, and the community.
  6. Work in unison with a multi-staff church.
  7. Assist parents in carrying out their God-given duty to spiritually form their children.
  8. Stay current on methods, laws, and curriculum that affects ministry to children, parents, and family.
  9. Use techniques of exegesis and hermeneutics to present practical and effective Bible lessons.
  10. Proficiently use the learning techniques of lesson planning, organization, illustration, stories, and multi-media in teaching the Bible.

Student must complete a minimum of 126 hours including the major, core, and minor if required. Elective hours may be needed to reach 126 hours.

70 hours, plus 6 additional hours in foreign language 

1. 20 hours foundation courses 

  • BIBL-2512 - Personal Evangelism
  • BIBL-2713 - Introduction to Ministry
  • BIBL-3013 - Hermeneutics
  • BIBL-3203 - Biblical Exegesis
  • BIBL-3253 - Teaching the Bible
  • BIBL-3823 - Counseling for Ministers
  • BIBL-3913 - Homiletics I: Preparation & Delivery of Religious Speeches

2. 9 hours Old Testament

3. 12 hours New Testament

4. 6 hours non textual Bible 

  • BIBL-3413 - Christian Family
  • BIBL-4713 - Restoration Movement

5. 3 hours Psychology 

  • PSYC-3523 - Developmental Psychology    

6.  18 hours Children’s Ministry

  • CMIN-1202 - Introduction to Children's Ministry
  • CMIN-2122 - Teaching the Bible to Preschoolers
  • CMIN-2222 - Teaching the Bible to Elementary Children
  • CMIN-3212 - Curriculum Development for Children's Ministry
  • CMIN-3403 - Leadership and Administration of Children's Ministry
  • CMIN-3612 - Spiritual Development of Children
  • CMIN-4313 - Volunteers, Parents, and Staff in Youth and Family Ministry
  • CMIN-4412 - Vital Issues in Children's Ministry

7.  2 hours Internship

  • CMIN-4822 - Children's Ministry Internship

8.  6 hours, foreign language

*A student must take 6 hours of any foreign language in addition to the above requirements for the BA degree in Children’s Ministry. 

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