B.A. Degree in Bible and Ministry


This program is designed especially for students wishing to be pulpit ministers. The degree prepares students for the work of a local minister and lays a foundation for graduate studies. It is also the recommended degree for those who have not yet defined a specific area of ministry.

An OC graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Ministry will:

  1. Demonstrate above average knowledge of the Bible, its chronology, and themes.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to exegete, organize, and present biblical subjects in a contemporary, relevant manner.
  3. Demonstrate an above average knowledge of and ability in essential ministry skills such as teaching, counseling, evangelizing, and relating to people.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the world beyond the church and an ability to relate to it in a meaningful manner.

Student must complete a minimum of 126 hours including the major, core, and minor if required. Elective hours may be needed to reach 126 hours.

68 hours, plus 12 additional hours in biblical languages required, no minor required 

1. 23 hours foundation courses 

  • BIBL-2512 - Personal Evangelism
  • BIBL-2713 - Introduction to Ministry
  • BIBL-3013 - Hermeneutics
  • BIBL-3203 - Biblical Exegesis
  • BIBL-3823 - Counseling for Ministers
  • BIBL-3913 - Homiletics I: Preparation & Delivery of Religious Speeches
  • BIBL-4753 - Seminar in Christian Ministry
  • BIBL-4763 - Homiletics II: Advanced Homiletics

2. 3 hours chosen from

  • BIBL-4213 - Teaching the Bible to Adolescents


  • BIBL-3253 - Teaching the Bible

3. 9 hours Old Testament textual courses

4. 12 hours New  Testament

5. 6 hours elective textual courses

6. 3 hours required non-textual courses

  • BIBL-4713 - Restoration Movement

7. 9 hours other non-textual courses    

8. 3 hours practicum course

  • BIBL-4803 - Ministry Practicum

9. 12 hours Biblical languages 

A student must take 12 hours of Greek or 6 hours of Greek and 6 hours of Hebrew in addition to the above degree requirements for the B.A. in Bible and Ministry. 

  • GREK-1113 - Elementary Greek I
  • GREK-1213 - Elementary Greek II
  • GREK-2113 - Intermediate Greek I (May also count as New Testament textual) 
  • GREK-2213 - Intermediate Greek II (May also count as New Testament textual) 
  • HBRW-3113 - Elementary Hebrew I
  • HBRW-3213 - Elementary Hebrew II (May also count as Old Testament textual) 

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